Thinking Inside The Box

Did I tell you that husband is building a new bike?

If I can convince him to write a post about it, I’ll let you know.

The parts have arrived in a steady stream with UPS, so the empty packaging has littered our front room.

This week, the tires came and left us with the best and biggest boxes yet.

Naturally, the little boy put one to good use…

as a shirt.  🙂

The other one became a place to think outside the box.  Inside the box.


The little boy turned our staircase into an elevator this week too.

One sign at the bottom:

And one at the top:

There was also this taped up halfway in between the floors, but I’m not sure what to make of it:

It doesn’t seem to help the speed of the elevator, but it does give your eyes a nice place to rest when you’re in there by yourself.  Heh heh.  😉

Just in case you’re looking for a trick to keep yourself from eating that second treat this morning, here is your daily jolt of Jack-O:

Day Twelve 2010 Pumpkin Demise

Happy Friday!!

P.S. Come back tomorrow to see more demise.  I mean the pumpkins.  Not myself.  I hope.

P.P.S.  Have to share that I just finished reading a book called Out Of the Dust by Karen Hesse.  It’s the story of a young girl growing up in the Oklahoma Dust Bowl.  It reads like a diary, so you can finish it really fast.  It’s the winner of several awards for juvenile/young adult fiction and I picked it up at a thrift store for just 25 cents!  Best quarter I’ve dropped in a long while.  The subject matter reminds me of the article on Prairie Madness that I posted in July.  Leighann, this book is coming your way if I can get to the post office in the next few days.  Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Thinking Inside The Box

  1. The pictures of the little boy made my day! I laughed out loud when he said “cheese”.

    The pictures of the pumpkins, on the other hand, RUINED my day! Disgusting! Take a shovel and get rid of those things!!!!

  2. Thanks for the videos. The little boy is so creative. Also love the elevator. We played elevator in my Aunt Velma’s house when she had push button lights and a pocket door. Great fun.

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