The doctor’s office was running behind schedule today.

I had a ten a.m. appointment to get fitted for my custom orthotic shoe inserts.

When I arrived at 9:45, the patient ahead of me was asleep in the waiting room.

She was sitting upright with her head tilted back toward the wall.  Her mouth was wide open and she was snoring.


I tip-toed past to take a seat, but then realized that the magazines were inconveniently located on the table right next to her.  Shoot!

Since she was asleep, I figured I would be waiting a while too.  I needed reading materials.

I hovered just inches from her leg to find a title I could stand.  Sports Illustrated.  Every last one of them.  Phooey.

But I went through a stack of fifteen without waking her up!

I chose the one with Michael Phelps on the cover and returned to my chair.


Note to self: bring Martha Stewart and Country Living discards when you return to pick up your inserts in ten days.

I put away Michael Phelps and sat in silence until the nurse called the sleeper’s name and woke her up.

It was kind of funny and sad to see her startled from her dreams like that.

How embarrassing.

As she walked through the interior office door, I wondered why she was so sleepy today.

Maybe 9:45 on a Tuesday is the only chance she has to rest.

Maybe she normally moves a mile a minute to keep up with her kid or her job or someone else who needs her.

Maybe she has noisy neighbors who keep her from sleeping at night.


Maybe she’s me.

I have fallen asleep in public before too.

Or at least, in a doctor’s waiting room anyway.

What can I say?  I’m tired.

My son’s psychologist has a small, empty office without windows.  She keeps the temperature on high and the music on low.  I can’t keep my eyes open in that place.

Luckily, I’ve never fallen so deeply asleep that I’m unaware of my surroundings.  No head tilt, mouth agape or snore from me.

Even though I covertly texted those sordid details to my far away friend, I’m not heartless.  I feel immense empathy for the sleeping woman.

I wonder if she has an autistic child too.

You just never know about these things.

Here are your pumpkin pals.

Please note the signs of new life springing up from the one on the left!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Happy Tuesday.

Happy sleepy Tuesday.


4 thoughts on “Asleep

  1. Your garden will love the pumpkiney bits and pieces, and there must have been one seed left that is sprouting! Wow. And, the worms and snails are delirious, I am sure. Thanks for the pictures.

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