Springy Sunday

Husband did some work in the backyard this week.

To the delight of my taste buds, he planted a Satsuma Mandarin tree.

Oh please, oh please, let it grow, be healthy, and one day produce an abundance of delicious fruit!

Satsumas are my favorite.  They’re in season right now.  Go get yourself some.

Husband also planted three different raspberry bushes.  Three!  Yummy.

The little boy helped.  Not really.  But he (and his very big feet) played in the water.

and made Daddy blow bubbles…

which he chased and popped…

Rusty helped too.  Not really.  He mostly just hid behind the bird bath, hoping something tasty would scurry by.

It’s warm today, much warmer than it has been in the last few weeks.  It feels like Spring.  Flowers are blooming.

The plum tree is bare, but it’s striking and architectural and seems ready for its little white blossoms again too.

Husband trimmed it a little bit.

The branches are beautiful.

And yes, those are the Christmas lights on the wall in the background.  What can I say?  They’re cheery and I don’t feel like taking them down yet.

Today I remembered that it’s better to wear shoes when you’re taking pictures in the muddy yard.  Poor socks.

That’s about it until I have some time and a little motivation!

Happy Sunday!

P.S.  Look what my friend lent to me.  Snicker snicker.

My days of crushing on Rick Springfield are long over

and I feel kind of silly having this in my house,

but I feel compelled to read it!  😀  Heh heh.


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