Good Job Doing Maff

A typical afternoon for Mommy and the boy – at the table with math homework.

A few months ago, he was reluctant to do subtraction problems when borrowing was involved.

I tried to engage him by talking to the numbers and making a game of it.

Now he does this himself and he uses a funny voice.

“Mr. Seven, can I have a one?”

It cracks me up, pretty much everyday.  😀

Please ignore the messy house and piles of laundry in the background.  😳

I can only do so much, you know?

Note that he doesn’t yet have a standard tripod pencil grasp.  This is an ongoing goal at school and at home.  If your child struggles with this, you can go here or here for some suggestions.


Happy Monday!


10 thoughts on “Good Job Doing Maff

  1. Swinging on bars or on branches is an important first skill before the tripod grip can be fully mastered. Like the back-ground: made me feel right at home. Great technique for helping with the maths too. 🙂

    • Karyn – so interesting! I did not know that. He doesn’t actually swing on bars or branches yet – he sometimes hangs briefly then drops down or wants one of us to support him. We keep encouraging him to travel from one bar to another or to just swing back and forth, but he really doesn’t ever do it.

  2. It’s the hanging position, which is so important. Possibly worth working on? There are lots of these gross motor skills which have to be in place before the fine motor stuff *can* happen.

  3. As in all things, he seems to get where he needs to be when he is ready. You are such a good mom and I just adore the whole talking to the numbers thing. You guys are great!

  4. He is discipling himself! WOOP WOOP! “Don’t rip the papah” DO YOU REALIZE HE IS A NORMAL KID RIGHT NOW? Believe he his normal, talk with him like he is normal, discipline him like he is normal, and guess what? You will STILL get a wild, rebellious teenager after several years.

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