Eggs, Crystal Climbers and Julia


The little boy is very determined to decorate for Easter.

Everyday, he makes me cut out eggs from colored construction paper – dozens and dozens of eggs.

He scribbles little words or pictures on some and on the others, he wants “Mommy words.”

He frequently interrupts my writing and asks me to add a word or even to write something else entirely.

Because of that, the eggs don’t always make a lot of sense.

He writes his name on most of them and then insists on reading each one aloud.

It has actually been a great way to help him learn some new words.

His reading has improved by leaps and bounds this school year.

He loves this egg activity and we’ve done it every afternoon for a week now.

One day, I felt so wasteful that I pulled my traffic school pages out of the recycle bin and cut eggs from them too.

He decorated their plain sides, but he taped them backwards, so now we have California traffic code on our wall.

I don’t know what he remembers or believes about the Easter Bunny, but he sure has holiday spirit.

He decorates for every season and seems very invested in cutting and pasting and taping and stapling.

Every bit of it goes up on the wall or hangs from the chandelier.

It’s serious business.

As much as I don’t prefer the look of our front room a lot of the time, I am cheered by his purposeful effort to make our house into a home.

He puts his stamp on everything and takes pride in his work.

How can I be bothered by that?

Crystal Climbers

For Christmas, we got him a box of Crystal Climbers from Lakeshore Learning.

He plays with them once a week or so.

They’re not a hugely exciting toy, but he makes the most of them.

Last week, he was quietly playing with them in the front room while I was busy in the kitchen.

When I walked back to see how he was doing, he was just coming down the stairs.

He had gone to get the tape from my sewing table.

Groovy, man.

Getting the tape out of his hair made us both laugh.

Oh, how I love this little boy.

Happy Wednesday!

P.S.  Have any of you read The Reader?  Is it worth keeping in my someday pile?  You know, that’s the ginormous heap of books on top of the piano that I’d like to get to, but probably never will.  I have one friend who didn’t like the book or the movie.  What do you think?

P.P.S.  Julia Child is alive and well and showing her stuff, right in our own front yard.  Lovely.


14 thoughts on “Eggs, Crystal Climbers and Julia

  1. Love the whole thing. . .the writing, the pictures, all of it. A very uplifting part of my day. Thank you for sharing it!

  2. He does look groovy! I read the book but didn’t really like it, either. My thought is don’t waste the time, especially if you have lots of other good books to get through.

  3. I love Thomas’s eggs! Will you have trouble getting him to take them down after Easter??? He is certainly creative. Our son Evan was always happy with a box of scraps, and in 2nd grade brought home his teacher’s recyclables on a regular basis. Thomas being happy with every day stuff like this reminds me of Evan:)

    Re: The Reader. I found it hard to read, but loved the movie, only because I love anything with Kate Winslet – she’s fantastic in it. That said, I wouldn’t have understood the movie too well if I hadn’t read the book.

    Love your blog, Becky!

    • Thanks!

      I was worried about the paper trees he taped up at Christmas. I thought he’d want them there for the rest of the year, but the minute Christmas was over, he ripped them all down without a prompt from me. I assume that is how the eggs will go as well, but we’ll see!! Maybe if I start cutting out stars for the Fourth of July…???

  4. I loved these pictures. We have a budding artist! And he obviously loves color.

    I did not see the movie, but I read the book and did not like it at all, particularly the ending. It left a very bad taste in my mouth. Read something else.

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