Happy Birthday, Muffin Man and Books

Happy Birthday

No, it’s not his birthday, but I asked him to sing and that’s what he chose.

It cracks me up.

Please ignore our messy house in the background.  😳

You probably have to know him personally to enjoy the next one…

Muffin Man

His class sings “Muffin Man” at school in the mornings.

Judging by this performance, I can’t be certain it’s the same song I learned at his age.

I do know that it’s his favorite.  Or rather, it’s the one he always requests…

maybe because he is desperate to know the words??  😕


I have thoroughly enjoyed and am nearing the end of the The Birchbark House.  Whatever will I read next??  If you had to choose from the list below, which would you pick?  Don’t forget to tell me why!

Happy Monday!





3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Muffin Man and Books

  1. Amazingly, though I read a lot (by most mother’s standards) I have not read a single one of the title’s you listed. I’ve heard of most, but haven’t read them. I do enjoy Anita Shreve though.

  2. I read a lot, but have not read any of the books on your list except “Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet” which I thought was excellent and gives you a glimpse of the time when Japanese-Americans were herded into camps during WWII -yet the story is sweet. It also has a nice ending, which is REALLY important to me! It’s not a huge book, so it wouldn’t take months and months of your time.

  3. Definitely “Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet” because anyone who has a Japanese friend or aquaintance needs to know what happened to their parents (or grandparents) during that horrible time. You will think of your friend’s Mother as you read this. Tell me what you think after you finish.

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