Another Thrift Store Find

I bought weird art again.  😐

I just couldn’t help myself.

The little boy went back to school on Wednesday, so I went back to the thrift stores.  All three days.

Seven weeks away from them has made my eyes different – hungrier, sharper, more appreciative of their treasures, more open to possibility.

So yeah, I bought weird art again.

At the DAV store, I was looking through a pile of poorly kept posters and papers when I came across a little landscape painting.  It was shoved to the back, forgotten and fearful.

It’s an oil on canvas, ripped from its frame.  The edges are torn, the paint has cracked and even flaked away in a few spots.  There is some other damage as well – a fold, a big pen mark – signs of neglect.

It’s not painted in colors I prefer – lots of dark green.  The scene is not one I would normally be drawn to, but there is something about this painting that made me pause.

I flipped it over to find a price and was not surprised to see $39.00 scribbled in red grease pencil.  Considering the poor condition of the piece, it was easy to scoff at that number.  I probably wouldn’t take it home.

In fact, I would have put the painting down right away, but there was handwriting on the back too and I was compelled to read it.

Turns out the artist scribbled a note.  He put the date and where he was – Korea, 1985.  He also mentioned the people around him.  Just a few simple words and I could immediately picture him there, brush in hand, growling stomach, drizzling rain.  The dark green made sense.

I wanted the painting.

The DAV store is notoriously unwilling to reduce its prices on merchandise.  I decided that it wasn’t meant to be unless I could get it for $20.

I asked with expectation of a fast “no” and the same raised eyebrow and mocking chuckle I usually got, but the pricing manager shocked me this time.  I have shopped in this store since I was a very little girl and never have I been allowed a price I’ve requested.  Never.

Until yesterday.

$20 and the painting is mine.

Here it is:

Happy Friday!

P.S.  Leighann thinks the signature says “Erix.”  I’m not sure…maybe “Grix?”  Neither name yields anything meaningful from Google.  What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Another Thrift Store Find

    • And as I remember “Mother” loves Kimchi!! I would have bought this
      pic in a heart beat. Would love to thrift store shop with you some day.
      Did you know there’s a thrift store for the Animals in Cardif somewhere around Birmingham & PCH. Check it out. Good Cause!!!!!!!!! Gail

      • You saw right away that it said “Kimchi!” I read it three or four times before I recognized the word! The painting is growing on me. I will have to check out the store you mentioned. I am so rarely that far north unless I am speeding up to Pasadena. I’ll have to remember next time I go.

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