Sweaty, Loud & Colorful Hike

The husband and I took the little boy for a walk at
Otay Valley Regional Park
this morning.

It was sweaty.

It was loud.

It was colorful.

It was beautiful.

You should try it!

Happy Sunday!

P.S.  Do any of you know if those are blueberries in
the pictures 3rd and 4th from the end?
I’ve never seen them growing before…is that them?


2 thoughts on “Sweaty, Loud & Colorful Hike

  1. Best Blog! Love your vlogging! What is that spirally flower? Can’t answer your blueberry question, but Lisa grows them in Washington State. She’ll know.

  2. I have picked blueberries and those do not look like blueberry bushes to me. Also, I’ve never seen them grow like that. They hang in little clusters like cherries. I wouldn’t eat whatever those are.

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