August Garden Pictures

No time to write, so just some pix today…

Pray for that freshly planted hydrangea.

Our first one didn’t do very well.  😦

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Happy Wednesday!


2 thoughts on “August Garden Pictures

  1. Hydrangeas seem to be fussy, although I see huge ones all over my neighborhood every day. I am nursing a very small one that came from a cutting a garden group member brought to a meeting. It’s just a little smaller than yours now, but no flowers this year. I’m hoping it likes where I put it! And I love your lime (?) tree – reminds me of the Meyer lemon we left behind in Tucson 😦
    Love you pics!

    • Believe it or not, that is supposedly a Satsuma Mandarin tree, but I’m worried it might have been mislabeled!! Only time will tell! I would love to have a Meyer lemon tree too, but we have no more room. 😦

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