Charming Embroidery

I got this at Goodwill a few days ago.

I paid $2.99.

Do you love it as much as I do?

Actually, that’s probably not possible.  🙂

Look at the little lady with the cane.

She’s so cute with her teeny orange lips and that big giant purse.

And the weather!  Simple gray stitches and it really is raining.

The whole scene is so clever.

I can’t wait to find the perfect spot for it on my very full walls.


Something else might have to go!

I did get rid of ten picnic baskets yesterday.

I posted them in the “free stuff” section on craigslist and someone claimed them within five minutes.  Five minutes!

I loved these baskets, but I’ve had them forever, they were really dusty, and I just didn’t want them anymore.

Gotta love craigslist when you really want to get rid of stuff without leaving your house!

Happy Sunday!


2 thoughts on “Charming Embroidery

  1. I love the new picture too. I wish we could talk to the person who did it. Glad you’re getting rid of stuff. Believe me, it accumulates faster than you can blink!!!

  2. That picture is so sweet! I love the whole story that is unfolding in it. I’m sure it will be one you can look at again and again and find something new. What a great $2.99 find!

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