Motivate Me

It’s hard to get started again.

My son presents us with ever evolving challenges.

I could write about that a lot, actually.

But it would mean exposing that a lot of our recent vacation to Lake Arrowhead kind of sucked.

Who wants to read that?

Just enjoy the pretty pictures.

My mind is cluttered.

Tomorrow I will walk.

My house is cluttered.

I have started to thin out my collections.

Over two hundred books are already gone.

Clothes, shoes, purses, baby blankets, crib pads, toys, kitchenware?  Tons of it boxed and ready to donate.

Magazines bagged and waiting for a friend.  (Look out, Leighann, you will need a moving truck to get them home.)

I am sorting and tossing.

I am thinking and scheming.

I want to turn my house upside down – organize, rearrange, make it over…and over some more.

And paint.

I have become obsessed with painting the inside of my front door.  Think purple, navy, or apple green.  Maybe even orange or fuchsia?  Something bold.  Something brave.

This place needs a pop of color.  A BIG pop of color.

Stay tuned.

I think I’m about to be seriously motivated.

Maybe I will write about something too.  😉

Happy Almost Tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Motivate Me

    • I have primed and painted a fresh coat of white all around the front door. I am actually enjoying how clean it looks. I know it won’t last. Don’t know if I’ll get to my purple paint before you arrive!

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