Starting In The Middle

As usual, I started a project without preparation.  I think I have concluded this is the only way I can start a project.

I have to follow my heart, dive right in, figure it out in the middle, and then do the “prep” work.  Or the project won’t get done.  Ever.

I had a pint and half of white primer in the cabinet, so I started covering the polka-dotted Moroccan circus paint job on the wall above the stairs.

It’s a BIG wall and the circus paint is dark goldenrod.

I’m going to need a lot more primer.

But I’m in my painting jammies, with splatters on my face and hands.  I’m sweaty everywhere and my hair is sticking to my cheeks in a tangle of neglect.  I am just not fit for public viewing.  😳

Just a few weeks ago, I painted my son’s room a cheery yellow, so I know how this goes.

I will get dressed and go to Home Depot to get the primer and a few other supplies.

Then I will return home, put on my paint jammies again, and then realize I didn’t get a roller or a brush or something essential for moving forward.

In frustration, I will dress and go to Lowes…you know, because I’m too embarrassed to let Home Depot see what an amateur I am.  😳

Did I mention that my mom-in-law is coming to visit on Thursday?  And my mom’s birthday is Saturday and my son’s birthday party is Sunday?

Oh, and because my son’s actual birthday is this Wednesday, I sort of have to get his gifts, blow up some balloons, treat him to a Toys-R-Us run or a visit to Balboa Park or something, you know?

That leaves today and part of tomorrow to finish this project.

You know what though?

It looks better already and I am motivated, so bye bye, Morocco.  I loved you for a while, but it’s time to say farewell.

Now how am I going to deal with this?

What’s on your agenda for the day?


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