Cast Concrete in Chula Vista


Update as of July 2014

Unfortunately, R.C.S. Concrete Caps has closed their Chula Vista location.
I have not had any luck finding out if they still exist elsewhere.
Let me know if you find them!




Last week, on one of my regular trips to the west Chula Vista thrift stores, I spotted a new vendor at the corner of Broadway and Main.

R.C.S. Concrete Caps and Sculptures has taken over a dirt lot next to the Otay Farms Market.

R. C. S. sells mostly items made from cast concrete – fountains, animals, and other garden statues.

I love the giant turtles and alligators.

There are also some large planter pots, a Bhudda or two, suns, angels, pagodas, bird baths…really anything you can think of.

I chose a morning dove for $8.00…

and a frog for $5.00.

When I hesitated at the $5.00 price of the turtle I liked, the saleswoman lowered it to $3.00.

That’s my kind of vendor!

The turtle seems happier submerged in our birdbath than he did roasting in the hot dirt.  🙂

Anyhoo, that’s my find of the week!

Stay turned for a long overdue post about all those thrift stores I keep mentioning.

Happy Friday!

P.S.  My GIANT son thinks he is small enough to replace the little sheep that used to sit in the nook above our stair landing.  I’m not sure I agree.  🙂


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