Things That Make Me Panic

In no particular order…


Car repairs.

Sick cats.

Withered friendships.

Last minute changes.

Too much time to plan.

Not enough time to plan.


The big picture.



Running out of chocolate or avocados.

Other people’s perceptions of my weight or mothering skills.

Fois gras.  And eel.

Overpriced pasta.

My son’s melancholia.

My husband’s melancholia.

Stacks of paper.

Too many pens.

The good china.

The fact that all but one of the shirts I wear regularly have holes in them.

Lack of sleep and no time in the foreseeable future to make up for it.


People who are voting for Mitt Romney.

All that water in the NY subways.


Variety meats.

Air travel.

Being mistaken for a mean person.

Being mistaken for a timid person.

Being mistaken for a dumb person.

Being mistaken for a smart person.

Being mistaken for a rich person.

Being hungry.

Being full when other people are hungry.

Using too much water to clean the juicer.

Throwing out the pulp.

Not having enough time to use the juicer in the morning.

Driving a tiny rental car.

One size fits all.

One size fits most.

Being in the least, because I am the most.

Going to the doctor.

Not going to the doctor.

My left foot.

My right hip.

Paralysis.  Physical and figurative.

The length of this list.


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