Just Add Legos

We forgot about the camera yesterday, so we have no Christmas pictures.
Again.  😦

I need a smart phone.
Would that make it easier to capture my life in photos?

I did manage to snap one blurry old phone pic as I was emptying the dishwasher last night…
How many spatulas does it take to get me through a day of holiday baking?
This is the answer:

And at some point over the week, I took this photo of the beaded fruit on my dresser:

I love beaded fruit.

Husband snapped these pics of our new white Camelia:

I love our new white camelia.

But that’s it.  😦
Not one picture of the boy as he was unwrapping his gifts…
or the grandparents sipping their Baileys in our living room.
No snaps of the tree, all laden with packages.
Nope.  None of that.

But I did take these pix of the boy and his Rapunzel hair late last night…

He’s adding Legos now.  🙂

Fa la la la la la…la la la la!


Merry Christmas!


One thought on “Just Add Legos

  1. Love your spatula “collection” and your beaded fruit and Thomas’s hair ornaments – the addition of Legos is brilliant! Who knew they could be used like that?
    Merry Christmas!

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