Spring Break Phone Pix Dump

We actually did a lot over the two-week break.

The child had a bad case of the hives, got really sick, and also lost another tooth, but he rallied for the best parts of his vacation.
He had no trouble inhaling a basketful of candy on Easter morning.


The rest of our days went something like this…

lunch with Grandma
Inflatable World
Pump It Up
several different parks
a night at the downtown Marriott
egg hunts
I guess I’m too tired to remember anything else.
Enjoy the photos!

Oh, I almost forgot!
Husband got a new job.
(Insert great relief here.)
He started yesterday.
So far, so good!




















Insert bad family photo here (complete with chinless child and bug-eyed mommy):


I love this next one of my husband.  He’s more than a little freaked out by heights, but that didn’t stop him from enjoying our 11th floor view of the bay and the bridge.




The pools were beautiful.  The smaller one was walk-in warm in the morning.













Next on the agenda?
Back to school this morning and then to the kid’s salon for a long overdue haircut!

What did you do?


A Day At The Beach

My front room is a disaster again.  😦

What I wouldn’t give for a few feet of formal entryway, just a little something to soften the blow and keep every visitor from instantly seeing exactly how we live.

Right now, this space contains two large dishwasher-size boxes, a power sander, a heavy duty orange extension cord, a laundry basket full of cds, and five extra pieces of furniture.  I can’t stand it.

There is clutter everywhere.  A lot of it was generated by the little boy, but plenty of it is mine and a bit belongs to the husband too.

I want to get organized before the holidays blow in, you know?

Gotta tackle this disaster!

There is a loose plan brewing in my head for all of it, but it seems I never have time to implement the plan.  When I do get a few free minutes, I am usually so exhausted that I haven’t the brain power to make good decisions.

Consequently, I am easily defeated, sometimes teary, and a little depressed over this space.

Today, I needed a distraction from it.

Thank goodness we had plans for some family time at the beach.  🙂

Husband and the boy ventured much farther into the water than I cared to go.

I took pictures with my crappy phone.

My favorite part of the day (not) was trying to discreetly change to our clothes, in the street, next to the car, while another vehicle full of beach goers waited for our spot.  Awkward, but sooo San Diego, right?  😀  Heh heh.

Enjoy the pix!

Happy Sunday!

P.S. Come back in the next few days to find out if I solved my front room clutter dilemma.

P.P.S. Do you like my hat?

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Sweaty, Loud & Colorful Hike

The husband and I took the little boy for a walk at
Otay Valley Regional Park
this morning.

It was sweaty.

It was loud.

It was colorful.

It was beautiful.

You should try it!

Happy Sunday!

P.S.  Do any of you know if those are blueberries in
the pictures 3rd and 4th from the end?
I’ve never seen them growing before…is that them?


Just Emptying The Brain

I got a $135 rebate on my new washing machine.

I got a $133 delinquent registration fine on my van.

I want to go back to Pasadena and stay for a long time.  And while I’m away, I want a team of cleaning specialists, carpenters, painters, electricians, and pretty people from HGTV to attack my house.

It’s so depressing to return to an unorganized, inefficient, stressful mess.  I am back to the ever-burning questions – have there really been faded sheets hanging over my windows for the last ten years and why do we have so many wires everywhere?

My fattest boy cat is snoring soooo loud from his perch across the room,

that I keep checking the sweet girl next to me to see if it’s her.  It isn’t.

The little boy slobbered and slurped, then abandoned his Lula Mae spiral sucker on the desk last night.

I have already gotten stuck to it once.

I am sweating.

There is a five dollar Denny’s coupon on my printer.

The cat stopped snoring.  Is he dead?

Last month, the little boy taped a pencil to the wall in our hallway.  It stayed there for almost two weeks and a couple of times, when I threw my dirty laundry down from the landing above, my undies got stuck on the pencil and hung on the wall for over an hour.

While I was gone this weekend, husband blew up every balloon we had.

The child wrote words and drew faces on most of them.

And on this yellow one, he wrote the word “clear.”  Backwards.

We don’t know why.

But for some reason, it’s beautiful to us.  🙂

Meeting a friend soon, so I gotta go.

Happy Tuesday!


Sandy Pix

I haven’t been writing much in the last few days.

I feel like I’ve lived an entire life and forgotten to tell you.

Frankly, I’ve been distracted.

I saw my doctor yesterday and was pleased to learn that I have lost a few pounds.  It’s not an amount that anyone else would notice, but I was sort of trying, so it’s nice to know I can do it.

I guess the deny-myself-nothing-but-eat-fewer-daily-calories philosophy is starting to pay off.  😀  Woohoo.

I think I can.

I think I can.

I bought a couple of new sand toys for the little boy yesterday.

When he saw me with them this afternoon, he froze next to the shoe closet.

It was really cold, kind of foggy and getting dark, but he wanted to walk to our neighborhood park.

He wanted to use the new toys immediately.

There was no sense in trying to talk him out of it.

I knew from his quiet voice and blank expression that the park was fast becoming this evening’s obsession.

He would think of nothing else until we went, so it was easier to put on some shoes and head out the door.

Truth be told, I was cold and tired and hoping we were in for the night, but I didn’t mind the sudden burst of fresh air.

When we got to the park, I took blurry photos with my phone.

See that big green bag in the background?

That’s what we use to carry our sand toys.   It’s huge, light and has long handles.  Got it at a thrift store for 50 cents.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I think it’s interesting that I chose the bag for its size and shape and weight and when I turned it over, I found a logo for an organization called AST or Autism Spectrum Therapies (www.autismtherapies.com).

So appropriate.  I was expecting an emblem from a big pharmaceutical company or maybe a bank.

This is much better.  I can tote this bag to the park and leave it in plain sight.  Other parents can make a connection between the logo and my son’s odd behaviors.

Maybe it will answer questions they don’t know how to ask me.  🙂

Okay, that’s it for tonight.

I’ve got stuff waiting on the dvr, you know?

Happy Wednesday!

P.S.  I need invisalign and a haircut.  😐  Haven’t let the tresses down in a week.  They’re just too long.

P.P.S.  The little boy has opened the door to his room and probably thinks I don’t know it.  He’s supposed to be headed for dreamland.  Instead, he’s up there singing and humming and talking quietly to himself.  Sweet.  Sneaky, but sweet.



Feeling full and relaxed after a pleasant evening with family.

No long post tonight.

Just a few pix of the day.

The boy and his hat:

The kids’ table with See’s chocolate turkeys…
and Uncle Bill’s beer:

Super blurry, poorly lit, bad family photo take one:
(Post bath outfit already on the boy.)

Take two:

Different family players, take three:

Darn it – not one really well lit, clear photo of the table!
We had no centerpiece this year anyway, so whatever.

Hey, the boy ate a cookie with NUTS on it!
Actually, he ate several.
Will wonders never cease?

And the aftermath:

Look for the daily pix & pumpkin pals in a separate post.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

P.S.  Are you braving the black Friday chaos tomorrow?
Maybe I’ll see you somewhere.  😀




Monday Round-Up

The weekend zoomed by and now seems like a distant memory.

Husband just left for work and I am still in jammies.

The little boy is riding his scooter through the house and singing.

This morning he said “did you make a glasses?” and then he showed me this:

Later, he opened the back door, took a look outside and said “blue sky is pretty.”

And so it is.

Now, he sits on the floor and plays his baby piano.  This toy was in the garage for over a year.  I thought he had outgrown it, but the smile on his face when I brought it back in tells me they are old friends.

If you don’t know anything about my son, you might not be impressed with the video below.  It seems as though he is just working out “Twinkle Twinkle” for the first time.  Big deal, right?

In reality, he knows the tune very well, and is really just interjecting hums and nose sniffs and finger movements to entertain himself.

I love how he looks up at me at the end.  Turn up your volume – the audio isn’t great.

As I type this, he has moved on to “I’ve Been Working On The Railroad.”  He is playing it with two hands and isn’t pausing at all.  I wish I’d had the camera going for that.

We finally bought a couch this weekend.  It was on sale at Mor Furniture, a thirty mile drive from our house.  We chose the worst time of the weekend to make the trek.  It was a little scary on the road.

The sun tried hard to bust through the rain clouds, but it didn’t really work.

This is the couch.

It’s not exactly what we might have chosen under different circumstances, but it was really cheap and they delivered it three hours after we left the store.

Since three of our housemates come fully clawed, puke regularly and can’t seem to keep their fur, our furniture budget is severely limited by what we feel comfortable flushing down the toilet, so to speak.   I’ve said it before, a couch is just a new scratching post and trampoline for us, so low cost is key.

Taking the boy on a long, rainy drive, only to look at a sofa, is asking a lot.  Big thanks to Mor Furniture for littering their store with black and gold balloons on Saturday.  That made all the difference in the world to us.  Actually, thanks to Mor for everything.  Lots of nice, helpful people in that place.  And no, they didn’t pay me to say that.

A tater tot fell out of the fridge in the garage when husband was opening the door last night.  It was probably an escapee, unnoticed in my fight with the freezer to make room for turkeys.  Husband carried the tater tot inside and chucked it at me as hard as he could.  It pelted me in the chest.  Thwack!  I was kind of disturbed, but then I couldn’t stop laughing at the absurdity of it.  I would have chucked it at him too.

Oh, and yes, we will be cooking turkeys on Thursday.  My heart shakes a little as I type that, but my family and friends come first and everybody loves dinner on Thanksgiving.  Obviously, I won’t be eating any of the birdies myself, but I look forward to all the veggie side dishes!  Yum!

For your viewing pleasure, here is evidence of my bad hair week:

Time to color and cut.  😐

Okay, that’s it.  I’m out.

Happy Monday!

P.S.  I upgraded my account with WordPress, so you shouldn’t see any of those pesky ads from Google anymore.  Let me know if you do!

P.P.S.  Look for the pumpkins under a separate post this morning.


Report Card

Mom #2 asked me to give the Disneyland trip a grade…

A through F.

I have been thinking about that all weekend.

In no particular order, here are some components of the grading:

Marital Strife = B

Average level of miscommunication and failure to recognize the other’s value and contribution to the pre-travel readiness process.

Extended period of uncomfortable silence lasting through first half of drive up.

Extra credit for letting it all go and having goofy fun with camera on balcony Thursday night.

Packing & General Preparation = C+

Remembered wet wipes & bandaids (lucky for random dad on Tom Sawyer’s Island with skinned knee kid & no mom along).

Neglected to bring or draw a suitable calendar for the little boy.  Major points off for this since little boy lost track of days and after all the challenges he faced with queasiness, control issues, difficult transitions, ride disappointment, etc., he actually didn’t want to go home on Friday.

Forgot the clips I use to keep my bath towel wrapped around myself when I’m blow drying my hair.  Annoying.

Neglected to put ice in cooler with drinks and snacks.

Extra credit for remembering to bring stuffed animal and travel playdoh kit.

Points lost for leaving both of them in the car until the third night.

Car Ride for Little Boy – B+

Minor expected agitation over red lights in beginning of trip & again at end of trip.

No car sickness.

No objects chucked at mom’s or dad’s heads.

Minor wiggling and some kicking of front passenger seat.

Generally sunny disposition and willingness to go wherever necessary.  Even Target.  Because what’s a vacation without a trip to Target?  I had a craving for Riesen candies.

Extra credit for waiting through most of the CD before telling Dad to turn the music off.  Good CD for Dad and a little bit for Mom, just not for boy.

Disneyland Hotel Choice = B+

Excellent location in heart of Disney Resort.

Extra credit for immediate Goofy & Pluto sightings, extra towels, exceptionally pleasant gift shop employees and really fast elevators.

Bonus points for lovely view, but points lost for being there on a day without fireworks.

Special credit for a pool space that encourages all body types to relax and enjoy swimming with kids.

Points lost for failure to send promised text message when room was ready for check-in.

Points lost for failure to offer the creme brule through room service.  Flourless chocolate cake selected as alternative not worth $16.50 in cost, hidden delivery charges, tax & tip.  And I make better raspberry coulis in my own kitchen. 😐

Number of rides & overall amusement park experience = D

No crowds.  Best week ever to go.

Remembered to get letter from psychologist for special pass to front of lines.

Good foundation built by riding Small World first.

Excellent follow-up choices in Peter Pan and Dumbo rides.

Some points lost for failure to remember herky-jerky characteristics of Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.

Three full letter grades lost for thinking even momentarily that taking child on Matterhorn was a good idea.  Oy.  Three hours into day one and little boy was done with the rides.  Sigh.

Thank goodness for Tom Sawyer’s Island on Day 2 – perfect for mom who needed to sit in the shade a minute, little boy with too much energy and dad who never got to go to the hotel gym to continue training for upcoming century ride.

Food – B

Worst Boca burger ever at Red Robin in Tustin on drive up, but empathetic vegetarian waitress took it off the bill.

Extra credit for planning most of meals away from expensive Disney.  Who knew that Denny’s had such tasty granola?

White Water Cafe at Grand Californian has a good veggie burger, but big, bad, super dry brownies.

Coco’s is really close to the hotel.  Seriously, I like that brown bread and the Asian salad.  Without chicken.

Never got my vacation requisite Mexican food.  Sigh.

Points lost for turning in the seedier direction for supermarket search.  Why doesn’t this Albertson’s have any good cheese?!

Points lost by husband for giving all of leftover snacks to Pidgee.

Bonus points to Pidgee for keeping the location to himself.

Miscellaneous Extra Credit for…

Remembering to use our camera during the Mickey Photo Op so that we didn’t have to buy the expensive Disney version.

Going to Burger King at least once so the little boy could finally enjoy a meal and have some real fun.

Letting the little boy crawl under the big star…

And hug the row of rainbow towels when we were shopping to replace Mommy’s broken sunglasses…

Going to the Lego store and just letting the little boy hug whomever he pleased – including Woody & Darth Vader…

Remembering to get chocolate milk at seedy Albertson’s…

And that’s pretty much it…

so what do you all think?


Yeah, B.

A few sordid details to follow in the next couple of days…

Happy Sunday!