Belated Mother’s Day

Picture just for fun – nothing to do with post.  🙂

My mother and I drove out to Pine Valley yesterday.

Her friend was having a yard sale.

Since her house was the main set for Mom’s movie, it was fascinating for me to see it in person.

It’s a lovely little home with a ton of handcrafted character and a gorgeous yard full of natural stone, flowers and water features.

We chatted with Mom’s friend for a while,  then took her suggestion and drove a few minutes southwest to the Descanso Mercantile‘s Memorial Weekend Flea Market.  (The Mercantile doesn’t have its own website, so my link takes you to a site maintained by one of the vendors inside the Mercantile.)

The Flea Market was a lot of fun.  The vendors had booths set up in the parking lot and were selling everything from jewelry and housewares to cat scratching posts and candles shaped like monkeys!

Mom bought me two pairs of earrings as an early birthday present.  (A very early birthday present.)  Thank you, Mama!

She bought herself a soup tureen with pigs on the lid. (Mom likes piggies.)

The Mercantile itself is a charming old Victorian absolutely packed with treasures.  It’s also home to a big beautiful Maine Coon cat named Blessing.

I could have spent another hour in there.  Unfortunately, I was feeling faint from hunger and had to go outside.  I never even made it upstairs.  😦

Thank goodness a cookie vendor was set up in the yard just outside the Mercantile’s front door.  Mom was munching her selection when I came out.

I chose oatmeal with chocolate chips and walnuts.  Best.  Cookie.  Ever. It motivated me to buy a new canister of oats on the way home.  I’ll share what comes of my efforts to make something similar in my own kitchen.

We piled back into the car and found the freeway again for the drive back west.

A few miles from Descanso we stopped at Viejas.

I dropped Mom at the casino door so she could hit the slots for a few minutes while I went across the street to the outlet  mall.

I walked a quick loop to find Anna’s Linens and the Kitchen Collection and then drove back to pick up Mom.  (We had both parted with some cash, but I got a new loaf pan and some mini cupcake papers for mine!)

On the way back to the freeway, we pulled off the road and bought a ton of avocados from a local farm stand.

I ate a teeny California Haas this morning and was pleasantly surprised to find it sugary.  Sugary!

From there, we made our way to La Mesa and had a very happy, filling, fattening lunch at Casa de Pico.  ¡Delicioso!  With mariachis too.  Ha!

After lunch, despite our mutual fatigue, mom indulged my addiction to nearby Home Fabrics and let me run in for a quick browse while she waited in the car.

I am incapable of exiting that place without a purchase.  The prices are sooooo low.

I bought two yards of this:

And no, I haven’t a clue what I’m going to do with it.  Maybe just add it to the stockpile of other fabrics I’ve purchased there?  Probably.

It was late in the afternoon when I finally took mom home and headed south.

And that, my lovely friends, was our wonderful day!

Stay tuned this week for an oatmeal cookie trial on Bocky Bakes.

Happy Sunday!