New South San Diego Thrift Store

I went to a new thrift store two days ago.  It’s on National City Boulevard, just a few blocks north of the Mile of Cars, and right across the street from the #2 location of Aunt Emma’s Pancakes.

I was driving 60 miles per hour on I-5 when I spotted the word “thrift” in big white letters on the front of a blue building.  Makes me laugh to confess that.  I sense thrift stores – not a particularly useful gift to anyone else, but I am thankful for it.  My dad would have been pleased too.

I walked in and spotted this right away:

It’s totally me…

vintage needlework…

cats, deer, and birds…

bright colors…

Mexican or maybe Guatemalan (??)…

folk-artsy textile.

It has a few little spots around the edges, but I love it anyway.  It is remarkable that the threads are not noticeably broken or pulled.

It wasn’t marked anywhere, so I braced myself for a lofty price, but the cashier let me have it for $2.00!

She made my day.  I will definitely go back to that store!

Maybe next time, I will get a couple of pancakes across the street first.  I love Aunt Emma’s.

Honestly though, I do prefer Aunt Emma’s E Street location in Chula Vista.  For the National City Boulevard spot, I think the owners took over another old restaurant and got the furnishings along with it.

Some of the tables are a little rickety-stickety there.  The place just needs a little upgrade, but maybe that has happened since I was last inside.

The pancakes are heavenly at either location!  🙂

Happy Friday!

P.S.  The boy tried on my Chinese garden hat this week.


Home Again

I ate cereal for dinner.  And I might have dessert.

My back is achy, my eyes are tired and I need to color my hair.

The little boy stayed home from school again today.

Don’t know why.

I asked, but as you know, his answers don’t always help me.

I gave him the start of a sentence:  “I want to stay home because…?”

He finished it with “I want to sit on the couch.”

So I said “I want to sit on the couch because…?”

And he finished it with “I want to stay home.”

This conversation happened after an impossible ten minutes of agitated, shaking, teary meltdown.

And it was the high point, the most effective part, of our communication about school.

The relief on his body when I finally gave in and told him he didn’t have to go?  It was visibly  heavy, deeply physical, and kind of heartbreaking.

He’s not missing calculus.  I can’t feel guilty.

Sigh.  Harumph.  Snort.

Honestly, I don’t mind having him home with me most days.  He’s a sweet companion.  It’s just that he needs constant attention and I get tired.

I do nothing active.  I do nothing overtly taxing to my intellect.  I do nothing another person might consider particularly difficult.

And yet, an unexpected day with the eight-year-old ball of energy and will, and I am whooped.  Done.  Pickled.  Over.  And.  Out.

Today, we went for pancakes with Grandpa Lou.  He’s flying solo this week while my mom is in Indiana for my uncle’s funeral.

The little boy was pretty good at Aunt Emma’s.  He was pretty good when I took him to grocery store a few hours later.  And he was pretty good all the time in between and after.

It was the little battles over the hose and the water table, his snacks and a milkshake, the computer, a bunch of cardboard building blocks, and a long list of other teeny little nothings that drained me of my will to remain upright today.

He’s asleep now.  Little angel.  I think he understands he has to go to school tomorrow.  I think he’ll go.

Maybe I can get him to wear a sweatshirt.  Maybe that will help.  I think he’s just cold, you know?

Jackets are another battle.

It’s always something.

Happy Wednesday.

P.S.  I let Rusty hang out in the back yard with us today.

He is one of the three most annoying life forms in our home, but sometimes he cracks me up.

He attacked the sprinkler water…

and reveled in a cool concrete sensory session.

P. P.S.  I still haven’t finished my book and it’s killing me that I never have time for it.

It’s the first thing I’ve read since The Firm that makes me feel like the characters are pacing in the room asking each other when I’m going to pick up the book again!

I’ve read a lot of great novels in my life, but this one is compelling in a familiar, agreeable way for me.  I know I’ll want more from this author when I finally finish.

I also have a huge stack of other books waiting and I feel anxious about getting to them too.

When I was a teenager and reading every minute, it never occurred to me that I wouldn’t actually have time to read every book I wanted to before I passed away.

Isn’t that a sobering thought?  Even if I live to be a very old woman, I still might die before I get to finish reading everything.

Of all the zillion things I might ever put on a bucket list, maybe half of them are books.



My kid makes me nuts when he’s in the backyard.

He throws everything, upends everything, over waters everything, breaks everything.

He’s full of energy today.  How can that be?  Wasn’t he here for the same birthday party I was?

How can someone so sweet be so maddening?

He’s bored.  I’m bored.  We’re boring.

Just one day left and then the new school year begins.

I can get through one more day.

I think I can.  I think I can.

His birthday was spectacular.  Really.

Lots of people in the house.  Lots of tall people.

Thank goodness for A/C.

There were odd social anxiety moments and sad after party realizations.

Did I really waste one of the rare times I’ve seen my nephew this year by talking only of his amazing height and nothing else?

I did.

I didn’t even think to ask if he likes his classes or has a favorite subject.  I never even tried to find out if there is a girl he has his eye on.

I never asked who his friends are, what teachers he has or how he likes going to school with his older sister.

I was distracted.  The opportunity to get those answers has escaped me yet again.  Sigh.

And his sister…my beautiful niece…thankfully, I saw her for lunch just a few weeks ago, but I don’t even know where she was for most of the party.  Dozing on the patio?  Maybe.  Eight-year-old’s birthdays aren’t really all the rage for teenagers.

I love them for coming all the way to my house.

And my other brother’s son, he made the trek too.  I’ve spent more time with him recently than with the other two, but not by much.  And his sister couldn’t come.

The other cousins were there – the younger two on my husband’s side.  Cute and funny.  Did I even remember to kiss their sweet little cheeks?

I don’t think I did.


On my feet.

Chop this.  Serve that.  Where are the plates?  Here are the plates.  Forgot the hats.

Salsa and chips.  Veggies and dip.  Lots of salad.  Eight pizzas.  And you saw the bright yellow cake.

Sisters-in-law and friends rocked with the ice cream scoop.

Fun.  Successful.  Exhausting.

Did I sit down?  Yes.  Yes, I did.  Once.  For a moment.  Achy feet.  Achy foot.  The left one.

I climbed into the jumpy.

I climbed into the jumpy.

I squeezed my huge self through that microscopic “door” and collapsed on the warm vinyl floor while birthday boy bounced my brain apart.

The trees and sky looked beautiful through the mesh rainbow wall nets.

But now it’s back to old routines and rules, the stuff of mommy survival.

Wake with the kid, feed the kid, drive the kid here, drive the kid there, start the “you love school” mind game and brace myself for Wednesday with a brand new teacher.

Brand new teacher.  Yeah, like that’s the first thing on Wednesday that will be difficult.  8:45 a.m…that will be the twentieth thing.

Grandma’s birthday breakfast at Aunt Emma’s will be the reward.

I think I can.  I think I can.

Happy Monday!

P.S.  I love that little birthday boy, but I’m ready for a break!  😀


#11 – Things I sorta already knew…

but learned again this week:

  1. Little boys eat M&Ms for breakfast on Easter morning.
  2. Friends with fondue are fine friends indeed.
  3. I don’t like mushrooms.  Raw or cooked, barbecued even.  Small or large.  I’ve tried and tried.  I really have.  It ain’t gonna happen.
  4. Honey Nut Cheerios is the only food that really appeals in the morning.  Gotta have it.  Well, unless someone will go with me to Aunt Emma’s.  😀
  5. Pat & Oscar’s will never stop sending me coupons.
  6. Even when my little boy’s M&M’s-for-breakfast, Easter burn-out, birthday-party-overload, just-downright-tired tantrum from hell erupts at bedtime and turns him into a miniature ogre, I will be the one who feels like a monster by the time it’s done.  I told my kid he was acting like a brat last night (which he was), but he’s just a little boy and I hate that I said that to him.  😦
  7. No matter how great the hair cut, I will never get it to look like the stylist did when she blew it dry.
  8. Animusic and Animusic II are some of the best dvds we have ever purchased for our autistic son.  Go here to see an excerpt.
  9. My son plays a video game that has chickens shooting eggs at one another.  They don’t have special guns and there are sound effects.
  10. Otay Ranch Town Center needs a Cost Plus World Market.
  11. If I wear the weird criss-cross shirt to my nephew’s 4th birthday party, I will come home with funfetti in my bra.

Happy Monday!