Thinking Thursday

School holiday.

Kid home and full of energy.

No time to write.

But I want you to know what made me teary today.

Go to Squidalicious, read about her son, and definitely watch that video.

Then think about my son too.

And here is your

Day Nine what? no Eleven 2010 Pumpkin Demise update…

Happy Veteran’s Day!

P.S. Finally watched parts of Toy Story 3 this morning.  😯  Scared me for a millisecond – I thought they were going to die.  😥

P.P.S.  Tune in tomorrow to see how we think outside the box.


Great Video for Kids on the Autism Spectrum

Click here to see my son’s latest obsession.

He has watched it five times in the last thirty minutes.  😀

He points out everything…


“Ball is falling down.”

“Shirt is dirty.”

“Earth is falling.”


Hope you enjoy it as much as he does!

P.S. Do you like his new shirt?