Chinese Brownie

Grandpa Lou went to the swapmeet on Sunday.

Wish I’d gone too.

Look what he found for the little boy:

A child’s accordion!!

It came in this super cute box:

It sounds great too, very sweet and old fashioned, not too loud.  Lovely.

Thank you, Grandpa Lou!

I finally saw Dances With Wolves/Lord of the Rings/Tarzan/Phantom Menace, I mean Avatar, the other day.

I liked it a lot and now I want to be blue too.  And really tall and in tune with trees.  Maybe next week.

Husband and I actually had a date.  Wahoo!

We left our son at Grandma’s, saw the movie and even had time for a veggie burger at Island’s before retrieving him.  It was very pleasant.  🙂

Of course, now the little boy is sick and home from school today, but you can’t have all the stars line up at once, right?

Good weekend except for that.

I had lunch with an old friend at The Mission yesterday.  Love, love, love that place.

I know I’ve posted about it before, but it’s worth mentioning again.

The Veggie Wrap is delicious.

It’s really just a bunch of crispy julienne veggies and some noodles wrapped in a flavored tortilla, but it’s served with this spicy Thai peanut sauce that is really good.  Really good.  So good.  It’s the heartiest lunch ever.  Doesn’t even come with fries.  Doesn’t need them.

They gave me one those little paper chow mein boxes to take home the rest of the massive (and very good) brownie I ordered for dessert.

When we got outside, a strange guy on the street lunged at me suggesting in a loud voice that I share “that Chinese food.”

I had do a weird little jig around a bus bench to escape his eager advances.

A few minutes later, we passed him again and this time his friend spoke.  “Come on, let’s eat that Chinese food!”

I said “it’s a brownie” and kept on walking.

I wonder about people who approach me on the street.

I mean, I’m not petite, I don’t smile and yesterday I was with a friend who is six foot four.

What was that guy thinking?  Did he really just want my lunch?  Maybe he did.  I guess next time I will give him the brownie.

Happy Tuesday. 🙂