Monday Round-Up

The weekend zoomed by and now seems like a distant memory.

Husband just left for work and I am still in jammies.

The little boy is riding his scooter through the house and singing.

This morning he said “did you make a glasses?” and then he showed me this:

Later, he opened the back door, took a look outside and said “blue sky is pretty.”

And so it is.

Now, he sits on the floor and plays his baby piano.  This toy was in the garage for over a year.  I thought he had outgrown it, but the smile on his face when I brought it back in tells me they are old friends.

If you don’t know anything about my son, you might not be impressed with the video below.  It seems as though he is just working out “Twinkle Twinkle” for the first time.  Big deal, right?

In reality, he knows the tune very well, and is really just interjecting hums and nose sniffs and finger movements to entertain himself.

I love how he looks up at me at the end.  Turn up your volume – the audio isn’t great.

As I type this, he has moved on to “I’ve Been Working On The Railroad.”  He is playing it with two hands and isn’t pausing at all.  I wish I’d had the camera going for that.

We finally bought a couch this weekend.  It was on sale at Mor Furniture, a thirty mile drive from our house.  We chose the worst time of the weekend to make the trek.  It was a little scary on the road.

The sun tried hard to bust through the rain clouds, but it didn’t really work.

This is the couch.

It’s not exactly what we might have chosen under different circumstances, but it was really cheap and they delivered it three hours after we left the store.

Since three of our housemates come fully clawed, puke regularly and can’t seem to keep their fur, our furniture budget is severely limited by what we feel comfortable flushing down the toilet, so to speak.   I’ve said it before, a couch is just a new scratching post and trampoline for us, so low cost is key.

Taking the boy on a long, rainy drive, only to look at a sofa, is asking a lot.  Big thanks to Mor Furniture for littering their store with black and gold balloons on Saturday.  That made all the difference in the world to us.  Actually, thanks to Mor for everything.  Lots of nice, helpful people in that place.  And no, they didn’t pay me to say that.

A tater tot fell out of the fridge in the garage when husband was opening the door last night.  It was probably an escapee, unnoticed in my fight with the freezer to make room for turkeys.  Husband carried the tater tot inside and chucked it at me as hard as he could.  It pelted me in the chest.  Thwack!  I was kind of disturbed, but then I couldn’t stop laughing at the absurdity of it.  I would have chucked it at him too.

Oh, and yes, we will be cooking turkeys on Thursday.  My heart shakes a little as I type that, but my family and friends come first and everybody loves dinner on Thanksgiving.  Obviously, I won’t be eating any of the birdies myself, but I look forward to all the veggie side dishes!  Yum!

For your viewing pleasure, here is evidence of my bad hair week:

Time to color and cut.  😐

Okay, that’s it.  I’m out.

Happy Monday!

P.S.  I upgraded my account with WordPress, so you shouldn’t see any of those pesky ads from Google anymore.  Let me know if you do!

P.P.S.  Look for the pumpkins under a separate post this morning.