Imperfection and a picture.

I want to fire up my blog life again.

I keep coming here and trying to write something AMAZING to dazzle and permanently seduce a GIANT audience for my teeny blog.

But nothing comes to me.

And without a published paragraph, each day here feels bigger than the day before it.

Much, much bigger.

Bigger in a bad way.  An oppressive way.  An intimidating way.

Have I lost my skill set?

I want to write.

More than just that, I want to be good at writing.

I keep thinking of that as a single task – one I am ill equipped to start and desperate to complete.

It isn’t that though, is it?

It’s really a very long, involved process of little steps all smashed together, cut apart, rearranged, and done again.

Over and over.

So here I go.

Step one: post a current pic of myself (sorry to my Facebook friends who have already seen it).


Step two: pick one thing to worry less about.

Step three: come back and try this again in a day or two.

Happy Monday.


Things I learned…

Things I learned while attending Pay Less Low Cost Speedy Online Traffic School today:

I know more about traffic laws than I thought I did.

I know just as little about cars as I thought I did.

Trixie likes fish tacos.

I’d rather be blogging.  (Guess you answered my questions of yesterday.)

I’d rather be doing anything else.

Traffic laws are really boring.

It’s liberating to finally finish this kind of crap.

Americans are masters at feigning knowledge.

You can make anything happen for $57.92.

Things I learned from your feedback (comments, e-mails, and conversations) to yesterday’s post:

I am part of Alan’s reality.  🙂

My brother stops by on occasion.

My other brother does not.

I’m not as gloomy and unbearable as I believed.

I am as gloomy and unbearable as I believed.

Husband is one of my most consistent supporters.

I have to write.

I have to write out loud.

There are parents with kids on the spectrum in my occasional audience.  And that’s the coolest thing of all, because it’s parents – plural – and I only ever hoped for one.

Things I learned just now while eating a bag of M&Ms:

I could have done without them.

Damn, they were good.

Things I learned at Walmart a few days ago:

It’s not as bad as they say.

If you look carefully enough, you will find a beauty product you love.

Blimpie is dead – no more Coca Cola Icees after shopping.  Sigh.

It really is cheaper than anywhere else.

I still love that square tub of salsa in the veggie aisle.

That’s it for today.

Traffic school poked a hole in the side of my brain and all my smarts ran out.

See you tomorrow.

Happy Thursday.

P.S.  Husband has been planting…

and digging…


and relocating rocks…

and speaking in tongues garden jargon…

something about French drains and pebbles and water flow.

I’ll keep you posted.  😀