Kitty Cat Memorial Cactus Garden

My dear friend, Leighann, was in town for a few hours last Wednesday.

We met for lunch and some thrift store browsing in Poway before she headed to the coast for a meeting.

Whenever we get together, Leighann brings me the most amazing, thoughtful gifts.  This time was no exception.

Behold the beautiful Kitty Cat Memorial Cactus Garden:


She assembled it in a gorgeous glazed blue pot.


She tucked some sea glass and a tiny kitty between the plants.  (Sorry so blurry – hard to get a clear pic of the kitty’s little face.)


I love this little garden so much.  It’s a perfect addition to our backyard.

More importantly, it’s a fitting tribute to Rusty and Poupon who spent so much time where this pot now sits.

Thank you, my lovely friend!  You always know exactly what to do.

Just outside our front door, there is small patch of dirt that makes my eye twitch.

This tiny patch was once home to a beautiful, licorice-scented heliotrope plant, but ultimately it proved too small to adequately contain such an aggressive shrub.  The heliotrope had zoomed to dishwasher size, was dropping its little purple flowers all over the path, and was mercilessly grabbing our clothes when we walked to the door.  We had to tear it out.  😦

For the last few years, the dirt patch has been basically empty, save for a handful of river rocks.  It never used to bother me, but now I stand in my driveway every afternoon as I wait for my son to come home on the bus and I just can’t help but stare at that stupid, unfinished, neglected chunk of yard.  😦

It’s a problematic spot – not very deep, limited water, and anything we plant there must be trimmed back from the walkway.  There aren’t many plants that can handle such routine and vigorous pruning.

A few weeks ago, I accidentally broke off a piece from a succulent in the backyard.  Impulsively, I shoved it into the dirt in the patch out front.  I wasn’t expecting any miracles, but the succulent survived and even started to grow.  Encouraged, I did it again with another plant.  That one made it too.

Today, I bought a few more succulents and tucked them next to the others.  I also added a bag of rocks we had sitting on the side yard.

Here is the (almost) finished patch:


This may not seem like much to accomplish, but my eye has stopped twitching.


What have you been up to?



Not much to report today.

The little boy went to school and I ate pancakes with my mom.  😀

Even this afternoon’s 60-mile-round trip to see his private psychologist happened without any major meltdowns.

Now we settle into a potentially rainy Friday night before a week off from school.

The boy is watching his Charlie Brown Christmas dvd again and I am planted at the computer while we wait for the husband.

We picked up a loaf of sourdough on the way home and there is pea soup waiting for me in the kitchen.

It’s just a cozy, quiet evening in our messy house.

Tonight is about relaxing after a difficult week.

Tomorrow will likely include some turkey day prep, a little tidying of this and that, and maybe even a short gift shopping excursion, but nothing too crazy.

I’m still pondering our couch dilemma, but have resigned myself to the fact that it may not be resolved before Christmas.

Oh well.  Who cares, right?

Have a great weekend and don’t forget to tune in for your pumpkin pal updates!

Happy Friday!

Day Nineteen 2010 Pumpkin Demise

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P.S. In our home, we traditionally play A Charlie Brown Christmas original sound track as we decorate the tree on the day after Thanksgiving.  That music by the Vince Guaraldi Trio is our holiday favorite.  I highly recommend you get a copy as soon as possible!  If you decide to buy the video set as well, get the dvd version and don’t bother with the blue ray “upgrade.”  The blue ray format apparently adds nothing to the quality of the video and it actually detracts from the sound.