Almost Eight

Birthday boy has a party tomorrow.

Hard to believe he was ever this little.

(Or that I was ever so willing to be photographed with such tragic bangs.  It’s new mom bliss and I was sleep deprived.)

Anyway, I don’t feel like cleaning the house.

It’s mostly family and close friends anyway, so what do I care?

Except that I do.

And I’m overwhelmed by the chaos of three cats, one almost-eight-year-old, makeshift furniture, too many possessions and never ending laundry.  Same as usual.

Maybe I’ll just make a coffee date and sip my cares away with a friend instead.  After all, my birthday just happened too.

No, wait, can’t do that.  Gotta walk the pooch at 10:30.

This pooch:

That reminds me, I picked up the other dog leg last night.  Nasty.  You saw the pic.  I won’t share what the blur obscured.  Suffice it to say, not my favorite task.

I really wouldn’t even have bothered.  I would have left it for the birds or the returning predator to drag away, but my brain filled with an image of my friend’s daughters returning from vacation and happening upon it the next day.    It was right across the street from their dad’s house.  Darn it!  Had to pick it up.  Blech.

I confused the heck out of the little boy by handing him the leash and telling him to stay put while I walked thirty yards away and performed this curious task.  The dog looked as befuddled as he did.  The two of them stared at me quite seriously, but, obediently, they remained frozen.

Glad that’s done.

With luck, we’ll find no new remains today.

Not holding my breath though.  It’s a dog-eat-dog world.  Ha!

Okay, moving on.

Way past this.

Or maybe back to the party.

The little boy has such simple tastes.

We’re renting a jumpy, ordering pizza and letting him run through the sprinkler with his cousins and a couple of friends.  Woohoo.

Yeah, so why do I think I need to clean the house?  It will be full of kids anyway.  Kids don’t generally concern themselves with keeping order.

Okay then, officially letting it go.  Come on over and see our chaos.  😀

Have a nice weekend and come back on Monday to see a couple of birthday pix.

Happy Friday!

P.S  Here’s the boy at his very first birthday party:


Disturbed and then Disturbed

Little boy wakes up around 6:00 a.m.

We do not.

Little boy is bigger, bouncier and louder at 6:00 a.m. than he is at any other time of the day.

We are not.

Little boy leaps into the bed with us and makes demands.

“I want Mama up.”

We don’t move.

“I want Daddy up.”

We groan.

He becomes more persistent.

We say “okay,” but we still don’t move.

Today, he used a new tactic.

First, a statement of fact: “time for Mommy and Daddy to get up.”

We smiled, but didn’t move.

Second, he started counting.  Counting. Like we do.


That made us chuckle.


What would he do when he got to five?

We don’t usually get that far with our counting for him.

He generally complies with our demand before we finish the numbers.


Should we get up?  Should we let him think he has disciplinary authority over us?

I stirred and chuckled some more.

Luckily, he sort of lost his focus and darted out of the room.

I got up.

I showered, we dressed, we ate and then we went to my friend’s house to walk the dog.

Across the street from the house, we found the leg of another dog.

Yes, the leg of another dog.

Here’s the picture for you.

Happy Wednesday!


Done With This

I’m sick of being sick.

I want to get back to my routine.

Illness has overlapped with holiday and together they spell lazy, couch hugging, inactive lump.  L-u-m-p.  Lump.  LUMP.

You know what I mean – too much computer time, tv and cheese products.

Oh, and did I mention gut splitting sneezes?


Yes, my side muscles have exercised even though the rest of me hasn’t.


Will have to get the most I can from tomorrow’s walk.

This view is part of my reward:

This is my trusty companion:

He’s on loan each day from a good friend.

Sometimes, I contemplate kidnapping him permanently.  🙂

Not sure the felines at home would appreciate him as much as I do.


I let them outside for a little fresh air this morning.

Can there be anything happier than a very fat house cat lying outside on warm concrete?

Maybe only his big brother…lying on cool concrete:

The Fairy Princess took advantage of the Beastie Boys’ outing to relax inside:

They’re not always pleasant housemates.  She has to be crafty and quick.

There were a few other things in the yard today too.

Like this guy:

And his very large friend, who hid himself a bit before I could snap this picture:

The “predators” were oblivious:

Thank goodness for that, right?

The yard seems a little more interesting with live lizards in it than it does with dead lizards in it.

Our geraniums have decided to live too.  They popped back up this week to pull me out of my sicky misery.

I have veered off course.

Sick of being sick.  That’s right.

Ah, whatever.  Talk to you tomorrow.

Husband has the day off from work too.  He is watching The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension.  Do you remember that movie?  Totally preposterous.  I remember very little about it actually.  Little, except for one scene where all of the characters are running through a laboratory and Jeff Goldblum, who is dressed like a cowboy, stops to say “Why Is There A Watermelon There?”  I don’t think  that question is ever answered in the film, but it was my inspiration for the title of this post.  Enjoy.  🙂