Good To Be Back

I just realized it has been eleven days since my last post.

I’ve written a lot, but all of it is unfinished and dark.  😐

I’ve been mad in the last few weeks.  Mad at myself mostly, but mad at other people too.  And sad.  And sort of desperate.

That last adjective motivated a very pathetic e-mail to my family and friends about my overwhelming need for their help.

It was extremely difficult for me to ask, but I did.

Today, my older brother kept the little boy for four hours so that the husband and I could have a date.

We saw Thor (very enjoyable and NOT in 3D, thank you very much), we ate a tasty, cheese-laden lunch at Chevy’s, and then we went to Extraordinary Desserts for some beverages and really huge chocolate stuff.  Really. Huge.

My iced tea arrived with a little pitcher of sugar syrup and a bamboo skewer of berries topped with one fragrant, lovely pink rose petal.  Damn, I love that place.

We had a good day.  A long overdue, woulda-lost-my-mind-without-it, good day.  Thank you, brother.  You saved us.

Now, the husband is out front spreading some very pungent manure on our dying lawn.  The little boy is “helping” daddy and I am here, trying not to lose the writer in myself to anger, fatigue, absence or anything else.

Yesterday, we went to the school to see our son receive an award for requesting help appropriately.  The other kids were recognized for academic achievements, outstanding citizenship or perfect attendance, but we think our kid’s award is the best one of all.  It confirms what we already knew, he has come a long, long way.  😀

That’s all I have to say today.  Just enough to get back here.

See you tomorrow?

Happy Saturday!

P.S.  My crafty friend, Erin from Kansas, started an etsy shop.

Go see it here.

Clever girl, she sent me that link and I promptly bought a little drawer she upcycled with light blue paint and polka dot paper.

Kinda had to – I ♥ cheery little things.

Go, Erin!  😀  Go, Erin!


Artelexia, Architectural Salvage, Little Italy

Might not have time to write later, so just wanted to share a couple of links…

My friend and I went to Artelexia, finally!  Love, love, love it!  LOVE.  IT.

Also went to Architectural Salvage in its new location next door to Artelexia.  I thought this store had closed, but I was wrong.

We also walked a bit in Little Italy, got a bite to eat at a walk-up pizza joint, and then perused a few other interesting stores on the way back to the car.

This was a very pleasant afternoon activity.  My only regret is that we did not go to Extraordinary Desserts.  I sort of feel like that’s a must if you get within a block or two.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Little Italy and it’s proximity to Lindbergh Field, let’s just say that it’s a go-to destination if you are keen on close-up viewing of GIANT FREAKING PLANES that pass over every few minutes.  I had forgotten this and I had a very intense duck-and-cover response to them.  Even so, they were very interesting.

Anyhoo…maybe more later…maybe not.  😀

Happy Monday!


A snail, a tooth, a bump in the road

I stepped on a snail this morning.

It was on my friend’s front porch.

I used a piece of bark to flick most of it into the bushes afterward.  Couldn’t leave it for my friend.

Years have passed since I last felt that squish under my shoe, but it was familiar just the same.

Close your eyes!  Don’t you remember exactly what that’s like?

Crack!  Sploootch.  Rubber sticky.  Blech.  Ooze.  Buh-bye.

Now I have that phantom snail imprint on my foot.

I recalled it perfectly when I was eating lunch.

I contemplated removing my tennies and socks, scrubbing my foot and trying to get rid of the feeling.

But I don’t actually want to touch my shoe yet.

So the snail impression stays.

Yesterday, my son smiled up at me with a new hole in his mouth.

He had parted with a tooth when I wasn’t looking.

I asked him where he put it and he started looking in earnest on the floor near his computer.

Clearly he had dropped it there at some point earlier in the day.

I spent the better part of an hour crouched under the table sorting through dust bunnies to find it.

The little boy seemed relieved when I finally picked it up and gave a triumphant cheer.

We zipped it into a plastic bag and later put it under his pillow.

And then the tooth fairy forgot to come.

Nice, huh?

It was a tough weekend.

The husband and I had a weird disagreement on Saturday.

The details aren’t important because we worked them out like we always do.

Unfortunately, the price for our little detour from bliss was a lot of anxiety and missed sleep.

I’m functioning on about half power right now.

That’s not quite enough to charge my fairy wings or hone my peripheral snail-avoidance vision.

Oh well.

Snails die and fairies come back, right?

I need chocolate.

Speaking of chocolate, I met my mom and Lou at Karen Krasne’s Extraordinary Desserts on Friday.

Every time I go, I am reminded that I should go more often.  So should you.

Here is a blurry photo of my breakfast pastry.

Happy Monday!