Always Finding Nemo

The little boy has watched Finding Nemo a lot in the last few weeks.

It’s on right now.

The summer that we first bought the dvd, he sat on his Nemo bench and watched it everyday, sometimes twice…

he had a Nemo cake for his birthday…

and everyone gave him Nemo gifts…

To this day, his favorite stuffed animal is Squirt, the little sea turtle who becomes Nemo’s friend.

This is such a great film for a hot summer day.

Everything in it is cool and watery, the pace is steady and the story is good.

What more could you possibly want?

Well, maybe a popsicle or an ice cream cone.

Thank goodness we have both.  😀

Happy Thursday.

P.S.  Found this picture today too – one of my favorite blasts from the past.  He looks like his grandfather.