August Garden Pictures

No time to write, so just some pix today…

Pray for that freshly planted hydrangea.

Our first one didn’t do very well.  😦

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Happy Wednesday!


Twinkle Twinkle, Tiramisu, and Pretty Flowers

Eight-Year-Old Cinema

The little boy just took the video camera from me and went off to make his own movie.

He has been doing this a lot lately.

It mostly just involves filming the walls up close and singing in the background while occasionally waving his hand in front of the lens.

Sometimes he makes funny noises and laughs at himself.

Sometimes he mumbles scenes from his favorite movies.

But only rarely does he really point the thing in his own direction.

I only hesitated about two seconds before handing him the new camera to use without my supervision.  He just seemed so eager to do it himself, how could I say no?

Yes, maybe he will break it, but it wasn’t that expensive and he’s actually pretty careful.

Who knows?  Maybe he will find his future behind the lens.

Here is a sample of his cinematography skills:

And just in case you prefer to see his face and hear his singing while I hold the camera, here’s Twinkle Twinkle:


I made tiramisu from this recipe last night.  I was really drawn to it because of the almond extract, one of my favorite dessert flavorings. I also appreciated the omission of raw eggs and rum, neither of which are high on my list of culinary delights.  😕

This is a really good recipe – very easy to assemble – though I recommend finding heartier lady finger cookies than I did.  Mine were VERY dainty and spongey, not at all firm like those in her photos.  They sort of fell apart when I dipped them in the coffee.  I made the best of it, used them anyway, and chilled the assembled dessert for only the minimum six hours before trying it.  It’s delicious!

Thanks to Mom #2 for saving the Food Section for me!

By the way, a quick search produced this very simple lady finger recipe, so maybe that’s the way to go next time.


I snapped a few pictures in the yard while we were waiting for pizza today.  The little boy has sauce on his face for the close-ups.  😀

Our Julia Child Rose is doing really well.  The yellow flowers are beautiful and cheery, but I love how the older blooms fade to a creamy white.  It almost looks like there are two different flowers on the same plant.

We planted a Charisma Rose a few feet behind it, but it isn’t as happy as Julia.  Our Charisma has that unfortunate white fungus on some of its limbs.  We will snip those off, treat the others somehow and hope for the best.  I think there’s a picture of it in there so you can see how unhappy it looks.  😦

Notice the orange-yellow Hibiscus.  Just this morning, the husband mentioned how pleased he is that the plant is healthy and producing nice flowers again.  An hour later, the little boy hacked off all of the blooms.  😐  Sigh.

A picture of the book I chose from my too-tall pile of options is in there too.  I grabbed it as we were heading out the door to the park this morning.  It was on top of the stack.  I read three chapters without even noticing I’d done it.  So far, it’s good.  I’ll let you know if it holds my interest!

Enjoy the pictures!

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Happy Sunday!



Not much to report today.

The little boy went to school and I ate pancakes with my mom.  😀

Even this afternoon’s 60-mile-round trip to see his private psychologist happened without any major meltdowns.

Now we settle into a potentially rainy Friday night before a week off from school.

The boy is watching his Charlie Brown Christmas dvd again and I am planted at the computer while we wait for the husband.

We picked up a loaf of sourdough on the way home and there is pea soup waiting for me in the kitchen.

It’s just a cozy, quiet evening in our messy house.

Tonight is about relaxing after a difficult week.

Tomorrow will likely include some turkey day prep, a little tidying of this and that, and maybe even a short gift shopping excursion, but nothing too crazy.

I’m still pondering our couch dilemma, but have resigned myself to the fact that it may not be resolved before Christmas.

Oh well.  Who cares, right?

Have a great weekend and don’t forget to tune in for your pumpkin pal updates!

Happy Friday!

Day Nineteen 2010 Pumpkin Demise

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P.S. In our home, we traditionally play A Charlie Brown Christmas original sound track as we decorate the tree on the day after Thanksgiving.  That music by the Vince Guaraldi Trio is our holiday favorite.  I highly recommend you get a copy as soon as possible!  If you decide to buy the video set as well, get the dvd version and don’t bother with the blue ray “upgrade.”  The blue ray format apparently adds nothing to the quality of the video and it actually detracts from the sound.



Day Fifteen 2010 Pumpkin Demise

Not sure I’ll be around to write anything today.

Here are the pumpkins:

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Happy Monday!