It’s amazing how willing I am to let my parenting and housekeeping suffer when I don’t feel well.

So far today, the kid has eaten nothing but strawberry fruit roll-ups, a small stack of Pringles, and a handful of Apple Jacks.

He has been playing on the computer most of the morning and I haven’t even bothered to censor his games.

There’s a fat red gummy worm on the floor in my kitchen, a pile of dishes in the sink and sugar all over the counter.

But I have no guilt.

Guilt would require energy that I need for watching House Hunters and reruns of Friends.

I am a blob of sick today.

I can’t even make myself shower.

I just don’t want to do anything.

The idea of fresh air is somewhat appealing.  That’s an improvement from yesterday, I guess.

I may go out in the backyard and just sit for a while, but I’m not doing any housework.  It will still be there when I am well.

The little boy goes back to school on Tuesday.  I am dreading the latter part of the week when he realizes his aide isn’t coming back.

He usually does okay the first two days or so, but then the week drags on and he starts to lose his mind.  I am hoping I am wrong this time.

I have a ton of appointments scheduled in the next few weeks.  I postponed everything for the holidays and now I’ve got to cram in dentists and doctors and orthotics specialists and car maintenance and vet visits and a bunch of other junk.  And that’s on top of regular meetings with friends and family, which I always schedule first.

I have a lot of plans riding on the boy’s successful return to his classroom.  But if it goes the way it usually does, I’ll have to cancel things.

I guess I’m anxious about that and it’s making my stomach hurt.  On top of sneezing and coughing and aching all over, that’s just not ideal.

I am a blob of sick today.  Ack!

I hope your day is healthier, wealthier and wiser than mine!

Happy Friday!