A Post Between Pukings

I’m sick.

Haven’t been sick like this in a looooong time.

Not enjoying it.

Had to call the husband and ask him to leave work early for child retrieval.

Can’t muster the stability required to dress, drive two miles, feign wellness and walk in to get him from school.

Probably shouldn’t anyway.

I saw my mom briefly on Monday and she is sick too, so this is probably something communicable.

Darn it.

I was hoping for a quick bout with food poisoning and a speedy recovery.

No such luck.

And the hub and kid are probably gonna get it too.  Great.

I have never been so appreciative of my electric blanket as I am today.

My hands are freezing.

My neck is freezing.

Don’t want to wear gloves or let my hair down for fear of the pukery ahead.

Pukery?  Is that even a word?  It ought to be.  Just like nakery ought to be.

Foolery.  There’s a word.

I haven’t posted anything in a while.  I don’t even have a good reason for that.  Busy sameness.  That’s all I got.

My friend Leighann sent me one of these dolls and her cat a few months ago.  They’re sitting by the keyboard and kind of cracking me up right now.

They both look utterly horrified by my pukey-ish-ness.

I am horrified by it too.

I cry when I throw up.  Like a big baby.  Sobbing right until the final moment and mournful wails as I go.

Too much information?  You are glad to be somewhere else.  😀

Husband called to ask if I wanted him to get me anything on the way home.  At first I said “no,”  but it hit me that flat 7-up is an amazing elixir in times of troubled guts.

I don’t even drink soda anymore, but I can’t wait for him to bring me a 7-up.

Husband is my hero.

I can’t believe how quickly this has hit me or how almost normal I feel in between the peaks of doom.

Right this second I can sit upright and type and think a bit, but in twenty minutes I may be down for the count and the crying.


My ears are getting hot again.

Happy Wednesday.