Wedding, Museum & Jump

We went to a wedding over the weekend.  It was one of the best we’ve ever been to.

Congratulations, Michael & Jewyl!
We love you both and we had a great time.

Husband was a groomsman.  I’ll have to get a picture from someone so you can see the dreamy tux he wore – classic black with a latte brown herringbone vest – very stylish.

I wore the same thing I always wear.  You know, my wedding outfit. That purple blouse with black pants.

The big difference this time?

I spent 100 bucks on plain black, comfortable (albeit not too attractive) shoes.  Sooo, I got to dance.  Without intense foot pain.  Yea!  Husband and I boogied.  😀

Grammy spent the weekend with us and stayed alone with the little boy on Saturday.  Thank you, Grammy.  You are a lifesaver!

We needed a night away together.  This was only the third we’d had since the little boy was born eight years ago.  Sigh.

We had planned to sleep late on Sunday morning, but there were rollerblading elephants in the room above us, so that didn’t work out.  We didn’t mind too much though.

After a pancake breakfast and a quick trip to return the tux, we headed home.  I loved our weekend, but I was happy to see the little boy.

He and Grammy had blown bubbles, played on the computer and made music with water filled glasses while we were gone.

The three of us spent the afternoon playing, doing crossword puzzles and eating See’s Candies while husband took a nap.  (I think he was still trying to recover from the bachelor party weekend ten days before.  :D)

On Monday we all went to the New Children’s Museum.  I bought some discount coupons a few weeks ago, so that took the sting out of the price for us.  It’s normally ten bucks per person and ten more to park.  Ouch.

Luckily, the Museum was sparsely populated, kind of mellow and very interesting.  Great art.  Lots of fun for the little boy.

Marcos Ramirez Erre’s Toy An Horse greets you at the door.  It’s spectacular.  Seriously.  If I ever get a lot of money, I want to commission this guy to make one for my living room.  It has been a long time since I’ve been this overwhelmed by a piece of art.  Just the height left me almost speechless.  Almost.  The little boy walked right under it.  Best. Use. Of. Plywood. Ever.  You can even walk inside it – after you take the elevator up to its body.

We tried three or four times to get the child interested in Roman de Salvo’s Apex Chariots – probably the coolest rides ever.  He was apprehensive, but finally hopped on and figured them out.

He could have ridden them all afternoon.  Well wait, he sort of did.

It wasn’t very crowded, so there really weren’t any other kids waiting.  That’s a HUGE benefit to hitting this place on a weekday.

We also tried the climbing wall.  Well, the boys did anyway.  Grammy and I were happy to watch from the side.

There were giant puzzles in Ernest Silva’s Rain House. With no other kids around, the little boy got to finish all of them by himself.  We were on high alert for the tantrum that might have come had his efforts been thwarted by some well-meaning other.  He doesn’t do very well when another child follows behind, undoing or redoing what he has already done.  Lucky for us, that wasn’t an issue.

The Children’s Museum was a perfect rainy day destination for us.

We got caught in some late afternoon commute traffic on the way home, so Grammy got to witness a little boy meltdown.  He really has a difficult time when we’re not going sixty.  I have rearranged our weekday routine as much as I can to avoid stop and go driving, but Monday was kind of a fluke.  There was a fender bender in the left shoulder contributing to the craziness.  Once we passed that, it seemed to get better.

The boy recovered, so we headed to Miguel’s for a very cheese-laden dinner.  Yum.  So much for the road to vegan living.  Back in the saddle today though.

Husband was back to work and Grammy left early Tuesday morning, so I took the child to Pump It Up by myself.  Without my good camera.  Again.

He loves that place.  Here he is, reclining as the other kids bounce the house around him.

I would do that too if I were in there.

He climbed up to the top…

And slid down to the bottom…

I was sitting a few feet away on a very uncomfortable bench.  The little girl next to me puked all over the carpet as I was reading my magazine.  Nice.  At least it wasn’t my kid.

The Pump-It-Up guy cleaned quickly and without complaint. Good guy.

The whole incident gave me the germified willies, but I figured it was motion sickness more likely than some wretched stomach ailment that would hit our house next.  And since I spent the whole wedding weekend hopped up on sudafed because of allergies, I was in no mood to let fear back me into a stress cold.  So I watched the puking with a blank expression.

And then we went home.

Now it’s today.

So there.

Happy Thursday!