Prairie Madness

My uncle sent me an old copy of Real West magazine.

Not my usual cup of Country Living/Martha Stewart tea, but tasty just the same.

My uncle wanted me to see the article on Prairie Madness, about the challenges facing pioneering women in Eastern Kansas.

His note said that he feels much of the article isn’t quite accurate.

I think if even one tenth of it is true, I’m glad I’m not one of those women.

I kind of like my indoor plumbing, you know?

And I’m not really fond of scorpions.  Or snakes. Or damp floors.

I agree with my uncle though, it is a good read.

(Click on the individual pages to open them.  Click again to enlarge for reading.)

Enjoy!  😀

Happy Wednesday!

P.S.  That Arizona Necktie Party mentioned on the cover is definitely not something planned by Martha Stewart.  Might have to share that article with you tomorrow.