Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

Fajitas suck.  A lot.  😦

I don’t mean that they taste bad or that they shouldn’t be on the menu of every Mexican restaurant in town.

I mean that they suck the oxygen from the dining room because they are brought to the table in a pan still sizzling with charred meat and vegetables!

Does the word acrid mean anything to you?

I am sick of that smell.  It ruins an otherwise likable lunch for me.

Please urge your favorite restaurants to plate fajitas in the kitchen instead of at the table.

When waiters walk through the restaurant with a trail of pepper smoke behind them, we’re engulfed in that.  😐

It isn’t appetizing.  It’s rude, especially to patrons who didn’t order such a smoky delight.

When I pay for a pleasant dining experience, I don’t want to go home with an irritated throat, red eyes and hair that smells like a dirty cast iron skillet.

I know that fajitas are here to stay.   Honestly, I enjoy a vegetarian version myself, but the service traditionally associated with fajitas has got to go.

We have all been shocked and awed – since the 80’s, right?  The novelty is gone.

It’s time to put the skillets back in the kitchen and some art back into plating.

When I want smoke with my entree, I will buy something from a street vendor.  😀

At least I can turn my head and get some fresh air that way!

P.S. to Chevy’s – This one’s for you!  Liked my food, hated having to eat it through a cloud of fajita doom from the next table.  😦