Still sick this morning.

Annoyed at the perfect perky weather.

There are birds in the yard.

Why couldn’t I have gotten sick when it was raining last week?

No guilt then for curling up on the couch with the remote and a box of tissue.

But this?  I can’t be appropriately pathetic with a big blue sky outside.  Geez.  Blechh.

I think our plum tree feels the same way.  It’s naked out there in the too bright sun.

Today is a holiday for school, so the little boy is home again too.  Day four in the house.

He’s getting bored.

A brief stop at Carl’s Jr., a chaotic Walmart run and a visit to Grandma’s yesterday didn’t really help that.

He was sick for three days.  Now that he’s better, his chief entertainer (aka mama) is down for the count.  Poor child.

More guilt.

Moms really aren’t allowed to get sick, you now?  Stuff stops when they do – important stuff – like daily routines for kids on the spectrum who need to have daily routines.

And sometimes those kids eat Pepperidge Farm Double Chocolate Milano cookies for breakfast.  And maybe for lunch.

Clearly, I’ve got my whine on.  Ignore me.  Go here.  (Track back a bit to read more about their recent adventures adopting a son from Haiti.)

Happy Friday!  🙂