Early Saturday

The boy and I made a schedule for the weekend.

Today we were up at 6:00 a.m. and out the door for Crispy’s Donuts (not Krispy Kreme!) in less than twenty minutes.  That’s what the boy wanted, so that’s what we did.

I tried to exercise a little more restraint this time.  We still got the whole pink box, but I only nibbled on small chunks instead of inhaling half the dozen like it was my very last meal.

I did eat most of a croissant.  I had to.  Crispy’s makes the best croissants around.  Don’t argue.  That’s the flat out truth.  You can’t just buy one and leave it in the box.

The boy mowed the glaze off of his selections and threw the carcasses in the trash, as usual.

He did that for lunch and snack time too.

By 8:15, we were at the park.

Clearly, a couple of tweenage girls had been there too.

Do girls still just love to write their idols’ names and draw hearts and stuff, or is there some bigger picture here?

Does Justin Bieber actually ♥ Justin Timberlake?  I’m so out of the loop.

Maybe the girls were a little goofy on birthday fumes.  Not sure what to make of that monkey.

Though it may explain this:

Really, piggy park users?  There’s a trash bin less than twenty feet from here.  😡

The boy was in a funny mood today.  His very purposeful stare was cracking me up.


After sliding, the boy wanted a push on the swing.  I hung the camera around my neck and turned it off.  Or so I thought.


We had a good time.  😀

Now it’s almost 2:00 p.m. and the little boy is at the table, cutting out nouns from a workbook and stapling them onto a paper he made.  He loves to do schoolwork and will design it himself if there is nothing more to finish from his teacher.  We have a pile of workbooks that he has dismantled and rearranged and learned from in the last several months.  He’s such a smart little boy.

And now he is asking me to help him with his fluency time, so I have to wrap this up!

Happy Saturday!

P.S.  I’m going to see The Help tonight.  I can’t wait.  The book was sooo good.  Have you read it?  Have you seen the movie?  What did you think?


Good To Be Back

I just realized it has been eleven days since my last post.

I’ve written a lot, but all of it is unfinished and dark.  😐

I’ve been mad in the last few weeks.  Mad at myself mostly, but mad at other people too.  And sad.  And sort of desperate.

That last adjective motivated a very pathetic e-mail to my family and friends about my overwhelming need for their help.

It was extremely difficult for me to ask, but I did.

Today, my older brother kept the little boy for four hours so that the husband and I could have a date.

We saw Thor (very enjoyable and NOT in 3D, thank you very much), we ate a tasty, cheese-laden lunch at Chevy’s, and then we went to Extraordinary Desserts for some beverages and really huge chocolate stuff.  Really. Huge.

My iced tea arrived with a little pitcher of sugar syrup and a bamboo skewer of berries topped with one fragrant, lovely pink rose petal.  Damn, I love that place.

We had a good day.  A long overdue, woulda-lost-my-mind-without-it, good day.  Thank you, brother.  You saved us.

Now, the husband is out front spreading some very pungent manure on our dying lawn.  The little boy is “helping” daddy and I am here, trying not to lose the writer in myself to anger, fatigue, absence or anything else.

Yesterday, we went to the school to see our son receive an award for requesting help appropriately.  The other kids were recognized for academic achievements, outstanding citizenship or perfect attendance, but we think our kid’s award is the best one of all.  It confirms what we already knew, he has come a long, long way.  😀

That’s all I have to say today.  Just enough to get back here.

See you tomorrow?

Happy Saturday!

P.S.  My crafty friend, Erin from Kansas, started an etsy shop.

Go see it here.

Clever girl, she sent me that link and I promptly bought a little drawer she upcycled with light blue paint and polka dot paper.

Kinda had to – I ♥ cheery little things.

Go, Erin!  😀  Go, Erin!


Happy New Year!

It’s 2011 and I am ready for it!

Got up early and now I’m dressed and headed out into the world.

Just talked to my mom and made plans to meet for lunch in a couple of hours.

Husband feels scratchy-throated and headed for illness.  Poor husband.  I had that feeling the week before Christmas.  I guess it’s his turn.  No lunch for him!  It’s 9:00 a.m. and he just had a bowl of soup anyway.  He’s sick for sure!  Although, it is really cold.  Good soup weather.  Brrrrr.

The little boy was really mellow and clingy yesterday.  He wanted to be held and carried just like when he was little enough for us to actually do that without back pain.  We both thought he was going down for the count like daddy, but this morning he is chipper and full of energy.


Or is it yay?  I never remember.  I know it isn’t yeah.  I’m going with yea!


Husband has succumbed to the call of the new couch.

I feel a tad guilty making him get up with the little boy this morning.  I didn’t take advantage of my scheduled day to sleep-in, but I did take a shower first thing, so husband had to go downstairs with the child.  Yeah, I feel a little guilty.  Especially now that I see husband sprawled out curled into the fetal position like that.

How much longer do you think I can get away with calling it the “new” couch?  I said “new car” until my kid ate his first few happy meals in the back seat of the van.  Then it became McDonald’s Mobile.  Poor new couch.  It’s one nugget away from a bad reputation.

It’s almost time to leave for lunch, so I’ll cut this short.  It’s the weekend anyway.  Shouldn’t you be outside, enjoying your city?  😀  Why the heck are you reading a blog?

Happy Saturday!

Happy New Year!

P.S.  I finally saw Nanny McPhee the other night.  Sweet.  Amusing.  Can’t decide if I want to be Emma Thompson (without the moles) or Kelly MacDonald this week.  Emma Thompson even wrote the screenplay.  Two ethereal beauties with talent too.  So hard to choose.  Darn it!

P.P.S.  Husband and I watched the last fifteen minutes of Single White Female last night.  We’ve both seen the whole thing before, so none of it was surprising.  None of it except for Bridget Fonda’s hands!  This girl has gorgeous, long, lovely hands.  I know – it’s a weird thing to notice, but I did.  🙂


Chinese Brownie

Grandpa Lou went to the swapmeet on Sunday.

Wish I’d gone too.

Look what he found for the little boy:

A child’s accordion!!

It came in this super cute box:

It sounds great too, very sweet and old fashioned, not too loud.  Lovely.

Thank you, Grandpa Lou!

I finally saw Dances With Wolves/Lord of the Rings/Tarzan/Phantom Menace, I mean Avatar, the other day.

I liked it a lot and now I want to be blue too.  And really tall and in tune with trees.  Maybe next week.

Husband and I actually had a date.  Wahoo!

We left our son at Grandma’s, saw the movie and even had time for a veggie burger at Island’s before retrieving him.  It was very pleasant.  🙂

Of course, now the little boy is sick and home from school today, but you can’t have all the stars line up at once, right?

Good weekend except for that.

I had lunch with an old friend at The Mission yesterday.  Love, love, love that place.

I know I’ve posted about it before, but it’s worth mentioning again.

The Veggie Wrap is delicious.

It’s really just a bunch of crispy julienne veggies and some noodles wrapped in a flavored tortilla, but it’s served with this spicy Thai peanut sauce that is really good.  Really good.  So good.  It’s the heartiest lunch ever.  Doesn’t even come with fries.  Doesn’t need them.

They gave me one those little paper chow mein boxes to take home the rest of the massive (and very good) brownie I ordered for dessert.

When we got outside, a strange guy on the street lunged at me suggesting in a loud voice that I share “that Chinese food.”

I had do a weird little jig around a bus bench to escape his eager advances.

A few minutes later, we passed him again and this time his friend spoke.  “Come on, let’s eat that Chinese food!”

I said “it’s a brownie” and kept on walking.

I wonder about people who approach me on the street.

I mean, I’m not petite, I don’t smile and yesterday I was with a friend who is six foot four.

What was that guy thinking?  Did he really just want my lunch?  Maybe he did.  I guess next time I will give him the brownie.

Happy Tuesday. 🙂