She Who Shall Not Be Named

Please everyone, stop talking about her.

You know who I mean

Don’t say her name.

When you see her on a magazine, quietly turn the magazine over and walk away.

Hide her books.  Behind others please, she’s on the back cover too.

Be subtle.  Don’t call attention.

Don’t watch her interviews.

Shuffle her calendars behind the Budweiser girls and the Japanese Woodblocks.

Don’t indulge conversations about her.

Move on.

Get past her.

She isn’t funny enough.

She isn’t smart enough.

She’s not right.  Not then.  Not now.  Not ever.

And she gives hard working, deserving women a bad rap and less space in politics and in America’s heart.

Get her out of the headlines.

Get her out of your head.

Get her off of the shelves.

Stop talking about her.

There are so many others who deserve our time, our resources, our attention.

Her opinions are not worth your energy.

Her family is neither better, nor more interesting than yours, so turn away when they are on.

Turn them off, turn them down, turn them over.

Persuade your friends to do the same or just entice them away with someone better than she who shall not be named.

And please, if you aren’t yet sure of whom I speak, then let it go.

Maybe my think-global-act-local efforts are working.

I am determined to be a one-woman total media saturation reverser.

Know what I mean?

I vow to get her out of the airwaves and out of the stores simply by making her a non-issue, a who-cares, a who?

And I won’t publish your comments if you use her name or reveal any telling details that would populate the internet with one more blurb about her.

It’s time for her name to be less recognized, less frequent, less famous.

It’s way past time.

P.S. This all goes for that spiraling-out-of-his-bowling-shirts-idiot guy on that show that just got canceled too.  You know, the one who looks exactly like his famous dad?  Exactly, but cheaper.