Flinn Springs Park in El Cajon

We took the boy to Flinn Springs County Park yesterday.

It was beautiful and surprisingly empty.

The last time we went to Flinn Springs, we were turned away by the ranger, right at the gate.  There was a birthday party going on and the guests had filled the parking lots, leaving day use visitors out of luck.

We were caught off guard, had no solid back-up plan, and ended up a little disappointed in our family outing that day.  😦

Yesterday made up for that.

Flinn Springs is a huge park with a giant play structure…

beautifully constructed gazebos with a little stage and a skylight…

lots of shade and picnic areas…

a long creek with babbling bubbles…

beautiful old trees…

humongous boulders and views of the mountains…

and a lot of fairly safe room to run and run and run and climb and run some more…

The boy had a great time!  😀

We explored the shadier areas of the park, but skipped the trails because of the heat.  I’m not sure what those trails are like – how long, if they are shaded, if they include any hills, etc. – so you will have to check the park info or see for yourself on that.

Flinn Springs has handicapped visitor access areas, water fountains and decent restrooms with stall doors, but no soap or paper towels.  It also has a second, much smaller play structure at the very edge of the park.  That one is right next to a private residence though and it feels less airy and inviting than the other.

Over all, Flinn Springs Regional Park is a great place to take kids for a short dose of the great outdoors.

When the little boy finally exhausted his energy, we hit the road and found an IHOP.  We were sweaty and dirty, but no one in the restaurant seemed to care.

The boy was an angel while we ate.  As usual, he inhaled a full cup of chocolate milk, then sipped down three little cups of creamer like they were tiny aperitifs, he nibbled on a pancake, and then made an entree of croutons with ranch dressing.  His dainty ways caught the attention of an older couple sitting at the table next to ours.

When we got up to leave, the lady leaned over with a big smile and said “you have a very well behaved young man there.”  Her husband added “and he’s a good looking young man too.”

I thanked them both for their kind words and wished them a pleasant day.

Then, my well behaved, handsome son pointed to the lady’s legs and said “VEINS!”

We left pretty quickly after that.  😀

Happy Monday!

P.S.  When I was messing with the camera to get the right flash for that picture of the hole at the base of the tree, husband came up behind me and did that spider tickle thing on my neck.  I knew it was him, but it CREEPED ME OUT.  Bad husband.  😡