Rose Bowl Flea Market Purchases

I buy ribbon and rickrack everywhere I go.  This pile of generous bundles cost only $10 total.  I love the blue with the red and white.  They’re kind of fitting for the season, don’t you think?  😀

I also buy Little Golden Books.  I got these three and the colorful little book below for a total of $3.00.

The Little Small Red Hen book was wrapped in a plastic bag when I saw it, so I knew it was probably badly damaged inside.  I was right.  There are pages missing and others torn, but I love the colorful cover and there are a few additional color plates inside that charm me anyway.  And really, the title is so sweet.

I’m not sure I know what to say about these next items.  I collect buttons and dominoes, but the buttons aren’t the greatest specimens and those two dominoes are all I got – not a set.  Don’t know what I was thinking.  Guess I don’t care since it only took $2.00 from me.

Arthur Burdett Frost’s Br’er Rabbit has been in my dreams for months.  I saw these twin reproduction art plaques of him at the market in January and have been wanting them ever since.  Now, they’re mine!  I’m glad they were near the exit.  Once I had these heavy boys to carry, I turned into a complaining nightmare.  “Oh, my aching back!”

I bought this bag to put them in and it made a big difference!

This bag is HUGE and made of super lightweight fabric.  I wish I had bought more than one.  😐

I also bought our initials.  Each ten-inch letter is cut from thin metal, then painted.  I’m not sure where I’m going to put them yet, but I am sure I will buy another letter or two every time I go to the market.  The guy who makes them just tosses them all on the ground and people walk on them and kick them aside to find the colors and letters they want.  All that rough handling gives the letters a good scruffy salvage look to them.  He makes smaller and larger versions and there are also numbers and some funky three-dimensional flowers too.

I can’t wait to add more to my collection.  I feel an art installation brewing, maybe for the wall to the right of my stained glass window??  You know, this wall:

Can’t you just picture it with a sea of letters swirling about like the curly waves in the window?  I can!

Last, but not least, here is the teeny bird I bought at Goldbug.  He’s very sweet, but extremely difficult to photograph.  My friend got one just like him, but with less of the green patina.  I love him.

I feel like I’ve forgotten something.  I will check my treasures and let you know!

Oh, I also bought four magazines on this trip.  Four.  Because this was MY weekend and I like magazines.  Woohoooo!

Happy Monday!

P.S. I forgot to mention that I also went to Mignon Chocolates.  I have to confess, I am a diehard See’s Candies loyalist, but I would happily eat another of Mignon’s Amaretto truffles if I had to.  😀

P.P.S.  The little boy seems pleased with my one and only purchase from Lula Mae this time:


Has It Really Been Seven Years?

Happy Birthday, Pop.

I’m thinking about you today.

I wish you were here to go to a thrift store or get a doughnut.

Maybe we could even sit in the garage and listen to music while you tell me a story about Caruso.

Or we could share some See’s and talk about your mom and dad.

Then we could pull out the graph paper and draw our dream houses or chart the year’s best horses.

Later in the day, you could call me and pretend to be a serious government employee, needing information only I can provide.

Your name would be something like Petunia Snardfarter.  Or maybe that would be me.

Do you remember that time we were turning into the parking lot of the Amvets store on Broadway around 9:00 a.m. on a Saturday?  A six-foot-something man (?) dressed in drag with great long fishnet-stockinged legs crossed in front of the car and wagged his tongue suggestively, right in your direction.  I think he wanted to get to know you better.  Do you remember?

Or how about the time I walked a few paces ahead of you one evening as we were leaving the Tower Records on El Cajon?  A couple of twenty-something punks started hitting on me in the parking lot.  You grumbled something to dissuade their bad behavior, so they asked if you were my granddad and you replied that you were my husband.  I think I turned four shades of red, but they turned six, so it was fine.  Do you remember that?

I remember all of it.  And more.

It all still makes me chuckle.

You were such a good dad.

You always made me laugh.

I miss our friendship.

I really do.

Happy Birthday, Pop.

I hope those other angels bake you some devil’s food today.  🙂

With white frosting.



Feeling full and relaxed after a pleasant evening with family.

No long post tonight.

Just a few pix of the day.

The boy and his hat:

The kids’ table with See’s chocolate turkeys…
and Uncle Bill’s beer:

Super blurry, poorly lit, bad family photo take one:
(Post bath outfit already on the boy.)

Take two:

Different family players, take three:

Darn it – not one really well lit, clear photo of the table!
We had no centerpiece this year anyway, so whatever.

Hey, the boy ate a cookie with NUTS on it!
Actually, he ate several.
Will wonders never cease?

And the aftermath:

Look for the daily pix & pumpkin pals in a separate post.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

P.S.  Are you braving the black Friday chaos tomorrow?
Maybe I’ll see you somewhere.  😀




Out My Pores

I feel a little overwhelmed this week.

Last night, husband and I had a misunderstanding/episode of marital strife/short period of silent resentment/argument/tiff/goofy weird miscommunication.  We have since resolved it, seen a decent (albeit slow-moving) film, had lunch out, and visited See’s Candies together, but I’m exhausted anyway.  And my eyes are red.  Husband is, in fact, napping as I write this.  Tall husband.  Short couch.  Guess he’s tired too.

Child has been a bit defiant in the past few weeks and now routinely runs from me in public.  Nice.  And he’s a little gassy today.  Sorry Sarah, I know you don’t like this topic, but I’m trying to be honest here.  Think old broccoli.

My mom is in pain and can’t seem to get any real answers from her doctors.  We know it’s not life threatening, but it seems to be enjoyment-of-life threatening.  She is kind of sad about it and so am I.  There isn’t anything I can really do.

My house is at the scary end of the chaos meter.  Neither husband nor I seem capable of throwing out anything or donating anything or storing anything or putting anything where it’s supposed to go.  On the plus side, I was motivated to scrub down the two front doors a few days ago.  Now that they’re clean, I don’t actually have to repaint them like I thought.  Huh.

We need a newer, bigger couch.  (See comment above about tall napping husband.)  Unfortunately, our options are limited because we don’t have enough budget, space, cooperative children, short family members, or clawless cats.  I mentioned all that to a guy at one of the big furniture stores over the weekend and he promptly lost interest in me.  Was it something I said?  Why yes, yes it was.

And food, damn it, food.  I want something spectacular every time I eat, but that just isn’t possible given the aforementioned lack of budget, cooperative children, etc.  Oh, and I don’t cook very well.  That’s part of it too.  Okay, maybe that’s most of it.  Well, that, and the fact that I don’t eat animals and am trying  to limit my intake of animal products too.  And I’m not that fond of soy.  😐

And you know what really stresses me out?  Last night’s blurb on the news about women and what stresses them out, that’s what!  Stay home moms weren’t even part of the study.  Obviously, only working women have stress in their lives, right?  How could I be so dumb annoyed?

Last night, I accidentally conked myself in the forehead with the phone. I can feel the knot there now.  Tomorrow there will probably be a bruise.  How could I be so dumb annoyed clumsy?  The bruise will look great with my peeling nose.  The weather has ruined my skin.

Two days ago, I finally rearranged all the photos and reduced the number of frames on the wall next to our front door.  This is something that has been bugging me for over a year.  Good for me, right?  Wrong.

I edited down the frames based on size, shape, and color instead of contents, so now I’ve got a solid wall of mostly my son and no one else.  I love him, but I don’t need twenty pictures of just him up there, you know?  It will probably be another year before I take all of the frames back down, open them up, and swap the pictures.  I feel defeated by this project, but I am a bit amused that the final (and totally unplanned) frame arrangement sort of resembles a Christmas tree.  See:

I wish that top frame were a darker color.  Oh well.  Maybe I’ll paint it.

Okay, enough whine.

Happy Monday Evening!

P.S.  Oh, and another thing, you all need to get past your distaste for my rotting pumpkins.  I’ll be posting pix of them everyday right through the end of November.  Just another few weeks, people.  Deal.

P.P.S.  This is what we got at See’s.  When husband was little, he got them from his grandmother.  We’ve decided to carry on the tradition.  😀

P.P.P.S.  Jen, how the heck did you make those potatoes?  Mine were a tad disappointing.  😥  We soooo ate them anyway.  :mrgreen:


How I Know I’m Sick

  1. The only things that sounded good for dinner last night were pancakes and pickle spears.
  2. My eyelashes hurt.
  3. Milk scares me.
  4. Everything above my neck seems extra.
  5. I ditched my salad making responsibility for the family dinner at my mom’s later.
  6. I don’t care that my house is dirty.
  7. Bejeweled Blitz seems complicated and loud.  Even with the speakers off.
  8. I am grateful that my friend doesn’t need me to walk her dog today.
  9. The back of my throat has stopped cooperating when I swallow.
  10. I didn’t recognize my voice when I called the school to report that my son will be staying home again too.
  11. I want nachos.
  12. I’m too tired to go back to bed.
  13. I can’t get warm.
  14. I’m too hot.
  15. The thought of putting on a bra depresses me.
  16. The e-mail I received this morning from See’s Candies made me teary.
  17. I can’t keep my head still enough to finish the crossword puzzle.
  18. I want my husband to come home from work and just sit with me on the couch.
  19. I feel like I’m supposed to take ibuprofen, but I don’t know why.
  20. My left hand is too big.
  21. When my stomach growled a few minutes ago, it confused me.
  22. I feel like I’m forgetting stuff.