Sour Cream and Brown Sugar

Just had to share one of my favorite ways to eat a day 2 strawberry…

These berries are plenty sweet to eat plain, but I ate so many of them that way last night that I thought I’d mix it up a bit for breakfast.

If you try this with your family or friends, give each person their own plate with personal piles of brown sugar and sour cream.  There will be double dipping!

I don’t have great photography skills, but I wanted you to see the inside of the berries.  They’re red, red, red, through and through!

And yes, I really said sour cream, NOT whipped cream.  (Although I like them with whipped cream too. :))



Worth the trip back…

Here is what I went back to get after writing this morning’s post:

I cut open one of the oranges to taste it before sharing this info.  I am already stuffed to the gills from an evening of snacks with a couple of friends, but this fruit was so sweet that I stood like a fiend at my kitchen sink and devoured the whole thing.

Best orange I’ve eaten in a long time.

There were 20 of them in the bag.  I paid $2.77 total.  Such a deal.

The oranges are sold at a fruit stand on Third Avenue in Chula Vista, about 1/2 block north of Main Street.  You will know it when you see all of the bags of oranges hanging from the awning roof outside.

The strawberries are huge and gorgeous and they taste even better than they look.  They are super sweet and perfectly ripe.  The berries you buy are picked just minutes before you take them home.

Get in your car tomorrow and go get some. 🙂

The patch is located at 4th and Main in Chula Vista.  $8.00 will get you three little green baskets with a slew of giant red berries inside.

I love that they look like little hearts.

Bring cash.  These are family run, seasonal businesses.