October Over and Out

My son took his kid scissors and gouged a ten inch line in the dining room table a few minutes ago.  I took away the scissors.

Right before that, he pulled my big stapler open and tried to yank out the spring.  I took that away too.

Then I gave both things back.  What do I care?  I told him not to gouge or yank.  He gets it.  He hasn’t done either since I said it.

He’s home from school and very committed to crafting his own little Christmas ornaments.  He’s been at it for days, cutting little bits of paper and making colorful scribbles on them, then bringing them to me to punch a hole and string fishing wire through.  He has a small basket of them waiting for a tree.

Long wait.  I showed him the calendar today.  He knows the tree doesn’t happen until the day after Thanksgiving, but that hasn’t deterred him from his task.

Today he cut a circle and called it a hot air balloon ornament.  He dropped it from the second floor to see if it would float.  And it actually kind of did.

The calendar is the reason he’s home this morning.  Or rather, my failure to update the calendar is the reason he’s home.  He constantly checks the dates to see what’s coming.  Each square is marked with “S” for School or “NS” for No School.  Except today.  Since I hadn’t filled out November yet, the square was blank.  He inferred the NS.

I decided against fighting this battle.  I know how it goes and it’s not worth it.  So, he’s home.  And bored.  And making ornaments.  And gouging things.  Oh well.  The day will get better.

Yesterday, I got up with him around 6:15 a.m. and sat at the sewing machine for an hour to alter his Super Mario costume.  We were heading to my mom’s for brunch and he wanted to wear it there.  I should have done it days ago, but I didn’t.

I had to hem the legs, take up the sleeves, and lose three inches at the waist.  He tried it on at every step, clearly didn’t like how it fit, and ultimately told me “no wear a Mario.”

I was behind schedule, teary, sleep deprived (as usual), and frustrated at the intersection of my Project Runway mindset, the flimsy fabric and my eight-year-old client.  Bad combo.  I called it quits and offered him the tattered lion costume again.  And that is what he wore for Halloween.

Little boy drew the faces on the pumpkins and we cut them out.  I confess, I embellished a little bit on the mouth of the left one.  I sort of think the mouth on the right one is more true to his drawing.  Funny boy.

We put them in the yard this morning.  We like to let them wither naturally.  This year, I’m going to try to take a photo of them each day to show you how they’re doing.

Maybe I’ll take a longer shot and track the wintering of the plum tree too.

Anyhoo, running out of steam, distracted by the boy and getting hungry again, so that’s it for now.  Oh, except for this.  😀

Happy November!

P.S.  How was your Halloween?  Did you dress up?  Have you overdosed on miniature candy bars?


Almost Didn’t Savor It

My son and I went through the self-checkout lane at Vons this morning.

We had two items and no time.

I scanned the first thing and threw it into the bag.

I tried to scan the second item, but I had some trouble.

I flipped it over to find the bar code.

The little black lines were wrinkle-pressed right into the package seam and the numbers were missing.  No scan possible.  Crap.

We were in a HURRY.

Without thinking, I turned to my son, showed him the mangled lines, gave him the package and told him to run back and get a different one.

He looked at me briefly, then took off.

I could see the rack and had him in my line of sight all the way there, but it was farther than he typically ventures without me.

When he arrived at his destination, he paused briefly to look back at me.

I yelled “get a different one.”

I saw understanding on his face.

He put the first package back, grabbed a new one and headed back toward me with all the urgency my tone demanded.

We scanned it, we paid, we left.

When we got to the car, I was teary.

Do you realize what a miracle that is?

At urgent request, my autistic child directed his attention to a fine package detail, understood its defect and invested himself completely in helping to address it.

He left my immediate proximity without fear, he showed no resistance to relinquishing his chosen package for another, he returned to my side without detour and at no time whined or complained in any fashion.


My kid is going to make it.  🙂

Now, if I could just get him to eat a vegetable.  😐

Happy Wednesday!  😀

P.S.  Did I tell you he’s going to be Super Mario for Halloween?  We have a dark wig and a better moustache on hand for the actual day.  I’ll post more pictures next week.