Sweet Sisters Sweeter Than The Reader

In the spirit of “all publicity is good publicity,”  I am providing a link (below) to The San Diego Reader’s review of Sweet Sisters Bakery and Cafe in downtown Chula Vista.

It amazes me how shockingly different our first impressions were.  I was ecstatic to find this little cafe, but Elizabeth Salaam compares Sweet Sisters space to a Holiday Inn breakfast lobby.  😦

I agree that there isn’t much on the walls yet, but who cares?  That pistachio cake from Sweet Sisters is a triumph and it will get me back there, no matter what some paid reviewer cares to write about the spare decor.  My taste buds are finicky when it comes to dessert.  I don’t like mediocre and that’s not what I got.

I get the feeling that Ms. Salaam actually likes Sweet Sisters too, but she buried that lead and I’m not sure everyone will read past her “muffins wrapped in plastic” comment in the second paragraph.  Maybe no one is reading my little review either.  Whatever.

Just GO to this bakery.

No matter what your feeling about the decor, the menu, the unfinished website, the bottom line is these ladies can bake and we all know they’re just going to get better and better at it.


And eat dessert first.  🙂

Sweet Sisters Bakery & Cafe
357 3rd Avenue
Chula Vista, CA 91910
phone: 619-207-0222

Here is the link to Ms. Salaam’s review.

I do appreciate that she included a few pictures in her write-up.  I will snap a few the next time I go in too.

Happy Sunday!