The Boy & Sweet Sisters Bakery

It was foggy on trash day this week.  The little boy and his Oreos were glued to the window to watch the show.

I asked him to say “cheese” once or twice…

but my little camera is slower than the big one.  😐


A few weeks ago, I ordered a Razor Rip Rider.

It arrived on Wednesday, but I made the little boy wait until Saturday to help open the box and put it together.

He was very patient and amazingly appreciative once I got started with the assembly.

While I was busy with pedals and wheels and wrenches, he was busy with a thank you note.


And on the back…

That’s right, Mama loves to do the tools.

You may commence your jokery now.  🙂

Yesterday, I discovered a new bakery in downtown Chula Vista.  Yummy!

Sweet Sisters Bakery has only been open for about ten days, so there is very little in the space other than the sweet offerings.  I imagine as the sister duo (Karina Estrada and Araceli Mendoza) gets going, that a few other little things may pop up – maybe some retail items or local art on the walls?  For now though, it’s perfect to find them concentrating on what they clearly do well.

The space is fresh, clean, airy and inviting.  The bakery case is the star attraction and it includes a little bit of everything – a few cupcakes, mini cheesecakes, jelly rolls, quick bread rings, tiramisu mousse cakes, pistachio cake slices, chocolate cake slices, and some larger, multi-serving chocolate cake items too.  They also serve the usual line up of bakery beverages – tea, coffee, etc.

I left with a slice of pistachio cake and a passion fruit iced tea.  My dessert was dreamy – light, super fresh cake with a very natural, subtle pistachio flavored cream in between the layers.  The top was sprinkled with crushed pistachios too.  So good!  So, sooo good.  And the tea was one of my favorite brands.  China Mist makes a great strong passion fruit black tea.  It went well with the sweet cake.

I can’t wait to go back for something else.  Or maybe the pistachio cake again.  🙂

Here is the info, if you’d like to check them out:

Sweet Sisters Bakery & Cafe
357 3rd Avenue
Chula Vista, CA 91910
phone: 619-207-0222

Their website still seems to be under construction, but here is the link.

Hope you enjoy this place as much as I did do will.

Happy Saturday!