Stress about the school thing pushed me over the cliff of holiday illness doom this week and now I sound like Ma at Strokers Dallas (not because of the content, mind you).

The little boy is here with me.  He’s kind of sick too.

I am enjoying his companionship today, but I sure feel guilty about keeping him home from his aide on her last two days at the school.

They’re making gingerbread houses in the classroom this morning.  He always seems to miss out on that stuff.

Our morning activities included making pancakes and finishing the Christmas forest we started on the staircase wall.

Thanks to Grandma and Mimi for providing a truckload of stickers for the decorations.  We even used some of those funny little doughnut shapes you get to reinforce the holes of your notebook paper.  Remember those?

I helped cut out a tree or two, but this was mostly the eight-year-old’s endeavor.  He has his ways, you know?  Everything has to be just so.

Having a child with that need means you have to abandon it in yourself.

I don’t get to care that I don’t prefer sloppy cut wrapping paper trees as home decor and I don’t get to care that we have effectively called attention to our stinky carpet and badly stained paint.  Nope.  I don’t even get to have any modesty about that stuff.  Please ignore it when you super size the pictures.

It’s really hard to be around all the colored paper and little scraps of this and that and not get the bug to make some ornaments yourself.  I’m not as creative as the little boy, so I just clipped some pictures from the latest copy of ZooNooz and pasted them onto card stock.  The child got to hang them on the tree.

These are probably throw away decorations, but they were fun to do and actually gave me some ideas for next year.  A little bit of glitter and a pretty ribbon instead of the fishing line and maybe they’d be keepers.


the issue with the aide is weighing heavily on me.  I thought she had retired or given her notice to accept a better position outside the schools.  Turns out I was wrong.  They reassigned her to a different kid.

I spent twenty minutes on the phone with the principal this morning, but nothing I said will change the decision.  It’s out of my hands.  It’s out of her hands.  The other kid has toileting issues and my kid does not.  Our aide is classified to handle messy clean-ups and apparently she’s the only attendant currently assigned to someone who doesn’t need that job skill.  So she goes.  And my kid suffers.  Again.

I can’t dwell on this, even in a post, because it’s too upsetting.  My kid’s lack of a visible physical handicap is, in itself, a handicap for him.  No one looks and knows what’s wrong.  No one can tell like they can with a broken arm or cerebral palsy.  My child appears normal and because of that, more is expected of him by the district’s Special Education Department.  I mean, really, what’s messier?  A poopy diaper?  Or a twenty-minute meltdown that requires county approved physical intervention to keep him from harming himself or another student?  Both kids deserve a good aide.

Oh, I sooo promised myself I wasn’t going to think about this today!  I just want to get past this raspy throat and enjoy the holidays, you know?  There are so many scary things happening in the lives of the people I most care about this week.  Our issue with the district is really not important right now.  It’s Christmas!

With that, I bid you a Happy Thursday!

P.S. The little boy is now  busy making confetti.  He is using a hole punch and every piece of decent paper he can get his hands on.  Oh what joy I will have cleaning up after that!  😀