Little Piles

I hijacked the first few minutes of my son’s session with the psychologist today.

Lots to talk about.  I needed her input.

While we chatted, my son played by himself behind me.

Her office is like a well stocked toy store, so he is quite happy when he gets a rare chance to choose for himself.

Today he made little piles of this and that.

As we concluded our conversation, the doctor asked me if he did much of that at home.

I think I laughed out loud.

Had I not told her about that before?

“Yeah, all the time.”  I said.

She explained that he had done it last week as well.

(I had borrowed some of his minutes then too.)

Apparently she had a tough time breaking into that play once I’d left the room.

She said he seemed very purposeful and determined and didn’t really want her to touch anything or take part.

I guess she hadn’t really seen that before.


It’s standard operating procedure around this place.

Can’t believe we never made her aware of it.

He’s always making little piles of things…

lego, playdoh can, stuffed dog

marking pen, shoe, train track

pencil, cardboard block, chair

He doesn’t seem to notice when things have been moved and put away during the night, but touching the stuff while it’s still in play is a big frustrating no-no.

He doesn’t like when we do that.  And he’s really bewildered when another kid does it.

It’s extremely difficult to disengage him from a preferred solitary activity and to then re-engage him in shared play.

He just doesn’t wanna, you know?

Not sure why I’m giving you all this detail.

My point is that his little piles have always seemed kind of random and meaningless to us, but we are aware they make sense to him.

I explained that to the doctor today and she understood and felt the same.

That’s why this bunch of piles seemed so interesting to us tonight:

In case you can’t quite see it…

3 = 2 + 1

So much for random.

Clever little boy.


Morning Tantrum

My son had a huge tantrum this morning.


I don’t have it in me to describe the details.

I’m exhausted, my stomach is tied in stress knots and my eyes are red from sobbing.

Same crap, different day.

I let my husband take my morning to sleep in because I was wide awake at 5:15 a.m.

And a tantrum is what I got for that.

Oh joy.

Here are the very bad drawings I scribbled out to illustrate two house rules that were broken today:

And here is the reward chart of the hour (also desperate and poorly done, but what can I say?  Drawing isn’t my thing.):

We skipped to step two so that the little boy could get some grub in the tum before needing the calm for steps one, three, four and five.

For step one, it helped for me to tell him which colors to pick up first, second, etc.  He was paralyzed by the task until I did that.

He eventually finished everything and even gave me a hug at the end.

He made all the check marks and drew the ovals on the computer monitor to represent the river rock background image on his screen.

Now he’s playing some ridiculous game from Miniclip, a site I absolutely hate and try my best to censor.

I absolutely will not let him play any games with images of real people in them – particularly U.S Presidents – Republicans, Democrats, whatever.

Those games just bother me – especially the one that shows Obama with a machine gun shooting up aliens.  So disrespectful.  Grrrrr!

I don’t have it together enough to write a really great post today, so this will have to do.

Gotta go trade my jammies for some clothes and run to Home Depot this morning.

Our microwave blew up this week and we’re a bunch of big babies without it.  😦

See you tomorrow?

Happy Saturday.  🙂


Late Night Three Pointer

little boy + miniature basketball + lamp =

(and toxic, cough inducing stink!)

The stench was bad, but the worst part was the little boy’s reaction to the sight of the melted ball.

It kind of scared him.  😦
He ran out of the room and down the stairs.

He knew we were upset and that he had done something wrong, but I think the total destruction of the ball by a force he didn’t quite understand was overwhelming to him.

It didn’t help that my discovery of the ball happened in the midst of his totally unrelated tantrum.

He was shaking and a little freaked out when we found him in the kitchen.

We told him it was okay and that we weren’t mad.  That seemed to calm him down a bit.

He wouldn’t come near the ball or the lamp and light bulb, but he was interested in looking at them from across the room.

He latched onto the words “hot” and “melted” as husband and I explained what happened.

This morning I held up the ball and light bulb again and asked him to repeat the sequence of events.

I put the basketball on top of the lamp.
The light bulb was very hot.
The basketball melted.
The melted basketball was very stinky.
The stinky smell can make me feel sick.

He repeated all of the words very purposefully and even got ahead of me when I added:

No more toys on the light bulb.

Best lesson all week.

This was a close second:


Get a move on…

My husband and I stayed up talking until 3:00 this morning.

He was out with friends until after midnight and I wasn’t even a little bit sleepy, so I waited up.

I even made brownies and fresh whipped cream around 12:30 a.m.

Today, I feel like a zombie.  You know, a brownie-stuffed, glassy-eyed, slow-moving member of the undead.

It’s after 6:00 p.m. now and I’m still in my pajamas.

Husband just went outside to mow the lawn, but he’s still in his jammies too, sort of.

The little boy is wearing the same t-shirt he put on for school yesterday.

We are not fit for public consumption.

Tomorrow we will make a better effort.

I realized this morning that I have reached the end of my rope with our house.

My child has no designated space to keep his toys, so he has them everywhere.  Everywhere.

It seems I am constantly losing the battle over when and how to put the toys away.

I can’t take it anymore.  I hate the mess.  I hate the clutter.

I am oppressed by it.

My husband sometimes gets to witness my despair.  Sometimes just the aftermath.

Today I cried a lot before I pummeled him with my distaste for our current level of piggery.

He feels it too.  He’s out there mowing.

The little boy has two weeks off from school.

I dread the loss of personal downtime, but I do look forward to a more relaxed schedule.

The stress of making lunches, finishing homework and getting out the door is gone for fourteen days.

Hello Zoo, Pump-It-Up and Tidelands Park.  Maybe even Legoland or the Wild Animal Park.

And definitely some spring cleaning.

It’s time to overhaul this life and this writing.

Gotta find a productive rhythm again.

Soooo ready for that.

Bet you are too.


P.S.  Here is a link to a food blog I have been reading lately.  While his post this week includes a recipe as usual, it’s about a little bit more than a vegetable.  Hope you appreciate it as much as I did.


My kid was in the dining room:

and at the computer:

and in the bathroom:

from which he emerged wearing only socks.

He was also in the kitchen:

and in my bedroom:

and in my closet:

and back in the dining room:

and in the upstairs hallway:

and he added to the decor on top of our front entry coat closet:

What a busy boy.  🙂

What a dirty house.  😐

This is why I never invite you over.  😦



Chinese Brownie

Grandpa Lou went to the swapmeet on Sunday.

Wish I’d gone too.

Look what he found for the little boy:

A child’s accordion!!

It came in this super cute box:

It sounds great too, very sweet and old fashioned, not too loud.  Lovely.

Thank you, Grandpa Lou!

I finally saw Dances With Wolves/Lord of the Rings/Tarzan/Phantom Menace, I mean Avatar, the other day.

I liked it a lot and now I want to be blue too.  And really tall and in tune with trees.  Maybe next week.

Husband and I actually had a date.  Wahoo!

We left our son at Grandma’s, saw the movie and even had time for a veggie burger at Island’s before retrieving him.  It was very pleasant.  🙂

Of course, now the little boy is sick and home from school today, but you can’t have all the stars line up at once, right?

Good weekend except for that.

I had lunch with an old friend at The Mission yesterday.  Love, love, love that place.

I know I’ve posted about it before, but it’s worth mentioning again.

The Veggie Wrap is delicious.

It’s really just a bunch of crispy julienne veggies and some noodles wrapped in a flavored tortilla, but it’s served with this spicy Thai peanut sauce that is really good.  Really good.  So good.  It’s the heartiest lunch ever.  Doesn’t even come with fries.  Doesn’t need them.

They gave me one those little paper chow mein boxes to take home the rest of the massive (and very good) brownie I ordered for dessert.

When we got outside, a strange guy on the street lunged at me suggesting in a loud voice that I share “that Chinese food.”

I had do a weird little jig around a bus bench to escape his eager advances.

A few minutes later, we passed him again and this time his friend spoke.  “Come on, let’s eat that Chinese food!”

I said “it’s a brownie” and kept on walking.

I wonder about people who approach me on the street.

I mean, I’m not petite, I don’t smile and yesterday I was with a friend who is six foot four.

What was that guy thinking?  Did he really just want my lunch?  Maybe he did.  I guess next time I will give him the brownie.

Happy Tuesday. 🙂



A few days ago I posted a card from a kid’s game.

Today I received more of the cards in the mail.

Thank you, Leighann! 🙂

I thought you’d like to see them.

You can click on each one to see it larger.