Hodge Podge

The little boy…

got to go to the principal’s office and choose an excellent behavior reward from the goodie box yesterday.  Woohoo!

And this morning, he made it through all of the red traffic lights between our home and the school without one tantrum.  No kicking.  No yelling.  No screaming.  No “water out the eyes.”

I made a deal with him last night.  If he could wait nicely at the lights this morning, I would buy him the brand new twisty light he admires at the store everyday.

Well, kiss my Blarney Stone, he was an angel!  Now his room will be lit with soft green before bedtime.  So appropriate for St. Patrick’s Day!

Traffic School…

I put my certificate of completion in the mail to the court this morning.  Finally!

I sent it certified, return receipt, and signature requested.  I didn’t say “please.”


Can you hear my deep sigh of relief?

Over.  Done.  Yippee!

Things on the desk in front of me:

empty M&Ms wrapper

advertisement from Cheez-It urging me to vote on their new flavors (The boy likes the Colby cheese variety and says the Romano and Asiago taste like butter.)

half of a broken nail file

a box of Super Mario fruit snacks

Andy, the cast iron Black Sheep (Scroll down to the bottom of the Rose Bowl post to see his picture.)

a large black screw (It looks important, but I don’t know what it came from.  I will probably find out by having a chair break under me or a cupboard door fall off its frame when I open it.)


the bottom half of an old bicycle bell (Husband, do you know where the top half went?)

Smucker’s coupon with recipe for Raspberry Balsamic Glazed Chicken


crossword puzzle book

Bustani Plant Farm catalog (Husband LOVES this place.)

a business card for jordan grace owens

lip gloss

a peppermint (No, wait, now there’s just the wrapper. 😀 )

husband’s headset  (When I’m trying to watch “my stories,” he spares me the sounds of combat from Starcrapcraft II.)

a lego man

an aqua lava lamp (husband’s – from college)

J.R. Watkins Shea Butter Lemon Cream (So lovely, lemony and luxurious for hands, elbows & tired tootsies.  They’re not paying me to say that, but I figure if I can get you to like it too, then they’ll keep making it.  Please buy some now.  😀  Thank you.  Oh, and by the way, Leighann, I was wrong.  😳  They just re-named it to “Body Cream” instead of “Hand Cream.”  Thank God and Watkins.)


Two of my cats are snoring.

I take that back.

One of my cats is snoring.  But he’s so fat and ill-constructed that he’s making two different noises at the same time.

And fyi – he’s also the one who passes gas.


I am obsessed with the $1.49 ceramic egg cups at the grocery store.  No one buys them.  Except for me.  🙂

I hate eggs, but I love those little cups in all their pastel hues.  I have six.  I want more.

They have some with polka dots too, but I haven’t brought home any of those.  Yet.

I don’t know why I like them so.  Or maybe I do…

They’re little.  That’s a plus.

They’re sweet.  Double Plus.

They’re whimsical.  Major plus.

They’re affordable.  Well, they are, until you start buying them in bulk.  Truly I haven’t.  Yet.

This is really just an occasional indulgence.  I started getting them last year.

But remember, I’m in the store everyday with the boy.

He likes light bulbs.  I like egg cups.

The obsessive compulsive-ish-osity-ness never falls far from the tree?

Oh, and thank you to Carol, who long ago gave me the Easter Chick tea light candles.  ♥  I love them!

Okay, that’s it.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Things I learned…

Things I learned while attending Pay Less Low Cost Speedy Online Traffic School today:

I know more about traffic laws than I thought I did.

I know just as little about cars as I thought I did.

Trixie likes fish tacos.

I’d rather be blogging.  (Guess you answered my questions of yesterday.)

I’d rather be doing anything else.

Traffic laws are really boring.

It’s liberating to finally finish this kind of crap.

Americans are masters at feigning knowledge.

You can make anything happen for $57.92.

Things I learned from your feedback (comments, e-mails, and conversations) to yesterday’s post:

I am part of Alan’s reality.  🙂

My brother stops by on occasion.

My other brother does not.

I’m not as gloomy and unbearable as I believed.

I am as gloomy and unbearable as I believed.

Husband is one of my most consistent supporters.

I have to write.

I have to write out loud.

There are parents with kids on the spectrum in my occasional audience.  And that’s the coolest thing of all, because it’s parents – plural – and I only ever hoped for one.

Things I learned just now while eating a bag of M&Ms:

I could have done without them.

Damn, they were good.

Things I learned at Walmart a few days ago:

It’s not as bad as they say.

If you look carefully enough, you will find a beauty product you love.

Blimpie is dead – no more Coca Cola Icees after shopping.  Sigh.

It really is cheaper than anywhere else.

I still love that square tub of salsa in the veggie aisle.

That’s it for today.

Traffic school poked a hole in the side of my brain and all my smarts ran out.

See you tomorrow.

Happy Thursday.

P.S.  Husband has been planting…

and digging…


and relocating rocks…

and speaking in tongues garden jargon…

something about French drains and pebbles and water flow.

I’ll keep you posted.  😀