One of the cats barfed in the kitchen while I was gone this morning.

I didn’t notice it until I was sitting down with my lunch.

I slammed my eyes shut for a moment.

Couldn’t face a puddle of vomit before I had a snack.  Still can’t.

It’s sitting over there kinda by the window and I know I need to clean it up, but I just don’t want to.  You know?

It will take ten paper towels and a lot of cuss words to get it all.

Kitty indiscretions…ocean whitefish and tuna.  Great.  Can’t wait.

I don’t get why this issue never comes up for my friends who have cats.

Are mine the only ones who do this?  Can’t be.

And yet, my friends’ houses seem consistently vomit free.

Why, oh why, do I think you have any interest in this topic?

Well, I guess I don’t really think you do, but it’s the only topic I’ve got today.

Sorry.  😦


2 thoughts on “Really?

  1. Milo vomits and I force myself to clean it ASAP… setting myself up to vomit as it is usually still warm. Occassionally thought of waiting for Don to come home but realize that cat vomit acid would ruin the hard wood floors – GROSS!

    • When we bought our house, we purposefully chose tile floors because we knew there would be cat barf sitting on it for hours while we were away. Gotta love interior design driven by vomit.

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