A good start and a little treasure

Sunday was a good day.  My husband helped me move a bookcase upstairs to replace a rickety older one.  I rearranged the shelves and eliminated about 45 books for good. For good!  I will donate them tomorrow.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with my family’s habit of amassing great piles of books, please believe me when I tell you that those 45, while a reason to celebrate, are also a mere drop in the ocean.  My cookbooks alone number well over 1000 now.  I have many yet to cull and give away.  Sigh.

My goal with the books isn’t to rid myself of them completely.  They are still a source of great joy for me from time to time.  Even so, I sure would like a little breathing room among them to put a few other items on the shelves, like these charming salt shakers my husband’s mom found somewhere and gave to me on her last visit.  They’re filled with buttons (which I collect) and hat pins, a few of which she added herself.


These little treasures charm me.  She always knows my taste just perfectly.  I had to make a spot for them on the eye level shelf next to my sewing table and so I did!

I also discarded some magazines, threw out some junk mail, moved two other pieces of furniture and re-hung four pictures on the wall. I knew this burst of energy would find me, I just wasn’t sure when.  Boy, did I ever need it.  The weekend is over and I am tired, sore and delighted with this tiny progress.  It’s good to make a change instead of just to wait for one.

Remind me later to peel that orange price sticker off my pasta sauce book.

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