Family Portrait with the Artist’s Hand

I’ve learned I might have to be a weekday blogger.  This computer sits right next to our other one.  With our son home on the weekend and hopelessly interested in noisy video games, I can’t really concentrate.  One of his games has a theme sort of like a porno soundtrack, or maybe music that would play while Jill and Sabrina are driving over to meet up with Bosley and the other angel. What’s her name?  You get my point.  It’s hard to be creative when the theme for your thoughts is a seventies pseudo-drama.  Or maybe that’s the best theme.  I can’t decide.

In any case, it is thankfully early now and the husband and son are still zonked out upstairs.  Thought I’d try to scribble off a little something to post since I feel kinda like a loser when I don’t.  My goal was to get something out here everyday.  Maybe I’ll treat you to a picture of us.  I still feel a little shaky about posting photos of me and the family.  After all, this is the World Wide Web.  Do I really want everyone I’ve ever known to see me?  I’m not so sure I do.  I might change my mind.  Yeah, I’ll probably change my mind.  Stay tuned for that and in the meantime enjoy this:

Family Portrait

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