#3 in a series of Things I sorta already knew…

but learned again this weekend:

  1. Caesar salad goes with onion rings.
  2. If you’re going to let your seven-year-old have part of an ice cream sandwich for breakfast, you should probably make him finish it before he gets in the car.
  3. Coyotes look smaller in broad daylight.
  4. No matter how many of her own children your waitress has, she will never believe that your kid really doesn’t want anything on top of his pancake.
  5. When you’re forty-four seven, whipped cream is an entree.
  6. It’s really hard to get rid of stuffed animals. (They’re like little people, you know?)
  7. If you make a to-do list, it will be too long.
  8. There really aren’t any good McDonald’s toys.
  9. A quick phone call will usually take care of it.
  10. Boys always have chocolate on them somewhere.  Wait…is that chocolate?
  11. Friends and relatives live too far away.
  12. Garages are dirty.
  13. Physical condition is sometimes expressed as a percentage of waistband still connected to underwear.  How are you today, mam?  I’m at 78%, thanks.

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