Crazy Chocolate Cake

My husband went to work yesterday and left me alone with a chocolate cake.

I got the recipe from a friend.  She e-mailed it the day I posted my blog about going to Cupcakes Squared.

Although I have pledged to my husband to find him the perfect flourless chocolate cake, something about my friend’s recipe really appealed to me.  It isn’t a flourless version, but I felt compelled to make it just the same.

I bought the ingredients and whipped them together on Saturday morning.  By that evening, the cake had cooled, been frosted and was already disappearing.

My husband and I weren’t sure we liked the coffee flavor in the frosting at first, but we ate it anyway and discussed it at length.  The coffee was very strong and we both wondered if a different flavor might work better.  The cake beneath it was sublime.

By bedtime Sunday, only half of the cake remained.  As I sat eating my last piece for the evening, my husband asked me if I had given in to the flavor of the frosting.

I told him the frosting had changed.  It had mellowed overnight and no longer overwhelmed the flavor of the cake.  Now the two were a perfect match, complimentary in every way.

I’m not sure my husband intended to eat another piece just then, but after I told him that, he went into the kitchen and cut himself a slice.  We sat together and discussed the cake’s many desirable qualities, the mellowing coffee frosting definitely on the list.

The whole cake seemed to be getting better.  It was dense, moist, flavorful and, with that frosting, it was different from your average dessert.  We thoroughly enjoyed it.

Back to being alone with the leftovers.  By the time my husband came home from work at nearly 8:00 p.m., I had yet to cut myself an honest slice to sit and enjoy at the table.  Somehow though, only a quarter of the cake remained.

I had peeled back the plastic wrap and shaved off the edges at least a dozen times.  This is the kind of cake that you stand next to in the kitchen and devour like there‘s no tomorrow.  It’s really good.

The recipe was simple to follow and I will definitely make it again.  Next time, I’ll cut a few pieces for us and immediately give the rest away.  It’s a dangerous cake to have in our house.

My friend has informed me that the recipe came from a mid-western church cookbook several years ago.  I can’t say that surprises me.  This cake is too good to be a modern phenomenon.  It has that hearty, old fashioned feeling that has disappeared from many of today’s desserts.  It calls for oleo.  If you’re any kind of baker, you’re familiar with that word.

The recipe isn’t mine to post, but if you leave a comment or send me a note I will see if my friend wants to share it.

6 thoughts on “Crazy Chocolate Cake

  1. that sounds delish! sign me up for a copy if she’ll let you share. I’ve never been to cupcakes squared but now I’m going to have to make my way over there sometime soon.

    • Have to tell you that there was another bakery around the corner from Cupcakes Squared. It only took cash or checks (neither of which I had) so I didn’t get to buy anything, but it looked yummy too. Here is the link in case you get out that way.

  2. I should have known that was Mumsy’s recipe. The “oleo” is a clear giveaway!!!! I tease her mercilessly every time she uses “oleo” in a sentence…..hee hee…..Long live Mumsy!!!!!

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