Ten Years

Ten years ago I was knocking down a fence in my mother’s backyard.  I was wearing my regular clothes, but I had already showered, my hair was done and I had on my veil.  My veil.  It was my wedding day and mom and I were tasked with something we thought the caterers would do.

We had to take down a fence panel between my parents’ yard and the open cul-de-sac next to it.  That’s where the reception tables were going.  We had to open a passage for the guests to access their dinner seating.

We thought it would be easy.  Only three or four loose nails separated us from our goal.  We kicked and pried, rocked the fence panel back and forth and finally lifted it away from the dirty ground just before we lost our minds.  Well, before my mother lost her mind anyway.

The wedding and reception were wonderful.  We had a ton of food, a beautiful cake and almost all of the people we loved around us.  My husband’s father was too ill to come, but that’s another story.  We enjoyed our day as best we could.

After a lovely evening together in a hotel by the water, my husband and I got up to dress and return home before departing on a quick trip the next day.  In the bright light of the hotel bathroom, I saw my feet like I’d never seen them before.

They were coated in a thick layer of the dusty crud from my mother’s backyard.  Across their tops were two thick bands of clean skin where the straps of my flip flop sandals had been.  I had pulled on my pantyhose and wedding shoes right over that dirt and never even noticed it.  Delightful.  I was a filthy bride.  I don’t remember if I smiled or frowned.  It’s funny now.

Let’s see…ten years…and what have we been up to?

We got married and went to Disneyland.  We bought a house and moved to the burbs.  We left our jobs, started new ones, quit those and found others.  We said goodbye to our fathers, three cats and my very best friend.  We had a child and bought a minivan.  We got two new cats and we ate a lot of chocolate and cheese and sourdough bread.

We listened to music and cried from the challenges of parenting an autistic child.  We stayed up too late and got up too early.  We watched t.v. and went on hikes.  We went to Kentucky and took a midnight walk by a waterfall.  We rode in a helicopter over the Grand Canyon and stayed in a crappy motel on the way home.

We ate at Denny’s at least 100 times.  We had little tiny spats and big fat fights.  We kissed and laughed and kissed some more.  We  tried to be kind to each other and now here we are.  I can’t wait for the next ten.  Happy Anniversary to us!

6 thoughts on “Ten Years

  1. This may be one of the best posts yet! I am reading it on the computer at the library, laughing out loud! (SSSHHHHHHHHHHH)! Funny and sweet.

  2. Can’t believe it has been ten years. I remember your wedding as if it were yesterday. It was a beautiful wedding, and you both were so happy. Who knew there was fence kick’n earlier in the day. Happy Anniversary Becky and Scott, you are loved so much.

  3. The Dennisons remember that day well too. But can’t believe it
    was a whole 10 years ago.
    Here’s to a long life of love and happiness!!!!

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